Have you ever tried receiving or sending a PDF file that is too large to carry? This problem can be a hassle and can stress you out also. To save yourself from all the stress, PDF Bear can assist and solve the problem for you. Yes, there is a way around this matter.

Defining Split Pages

What exactly is split pages? If you already know what it means, then you are one step ahead! However, if you do not know yet what it is all about, split pages are where you take out the specific pages you want to a separate and individual pdf file.

In other words, splitting pages is extracting pdf pages. That is why split pages can also be called “extract pages.” The primary purpose of this process is to reduce the file size of the “large pdf file” and only get the critical or necessary contents from it, since some PDF files may contain a lot of additional materials.

The next question you probably have in mind is, “how to split pdf pages online?” While there may be many websites and software to do this kind of procedure, you need to look out for that one website where you can split pdf pages for free and quickly.

Choosing online PDF tools

Everyone is more than welcome to pick their preference, but if you are eager to look for websites wherein you can trust and rely on, then PDF Bear is perfect for you! PDF Bear will offer these tools to you for free, which means you don’t have to pay a single penny or install some software for this.

Splitting pages does not have to be done by experts. You and everyone else may do it yourselves! All you have to do is head to PDF Bear’s website and look for the split pdf tool. Once you have reached the page, you can see a device right on your screen.

The procedure will be easy as pie, since PDF Bear has made it accessible to all users, and they have provided all the tools that you might need. Instructions to use will also be in four easy steps so that it won’t be a hard task for all the users.

Trusting online PDF tools

They say that you can’t trust online pdf converters and tools since they bribe users unknowingly with their “free online tools” for the user’s data privacy. While that may be true to some, there are also pdf online tools that you can trust and will not use your data without your consent.

What is a PDF File & Why Do We Still Rely on Them

With PDF Bear, the data that you upload and the converted and modified documents through their website will be safe and sound. It is the best option to remove your files after converting and downloading them. However, if you forget to do that, you don’t have to worry since PDF Bear will automatically delete them after an hour.

They make sure that their user’s privacy is in their top list and quality service since PDF Bear has a system for this. If you wish to know more about it, you may read PDF Bear’s Privacy Policy.


While the split pdf pages tool is free to use, it will be limited. Most services will ask you to spend a fortune on their ordinary tools common to other online pdf tools. Still, PDF  Bear will offer their excellent facilities and resources for an affordable and reasonable price.

You will already discover how worth it is to process PDF documents through PDF Bear even though they’re free. With the paid version, you will receive more of that excellent resource with no limits!


Every user is entitled to their own opinion and preference. You are free to access the online PDF tools provided by PDF Bear through the paid version, but you are also free if you’d instead opt for the basic version.