Why should you request Early Access to WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has around 1.5 billion users throughout the world as it is one of the famous and most loved apps in the market. India is one of those countries where new users are joining the app every day. The interactive interface has made it easier for users to not just send text messages, but also to share other files, make audio and video calls. Keeping the app free of ads and in-app purchases have proved to be a great decision.

Many small businesses use WhatsApp to connect to their customers and share promotional or informational messages. The businesses and users find it convenient to communicate with each other using the app when compared to other communication channels.

To cater to the medium and large scale enterprises, WhatsApp has come out with an app for business enterprises. Named WhatsApp Business, the app is available for free download. It has been released into selected markets initially to assess how it is being received by the users.

WhatsApp Business

The app can be used from mobile phones and computers using a web application. The developers provide API documentation to connect the app to the system and the database of the enterprises. Many companies provide WhatsApp Business API integration services to enterprises. The companies offer technical support, tutorial videos, and ensure that the platform runs without glitches.

Enterprises will have to request early access to use the app to send and receive messages. The companies will act as intermediaries to provide a platform to help enterprises connect with their customers and the target audience by using the app. Also, the same API can be used to connect across 30+ communication channels.

WhatsApp can be used to send messages in the form of text, audio files, videos, and documents. Business enterprises and customers can have real-time interactions. This will increase the quality of customer service of the enterprise and also bring more sales. Customer satisfaction levels will improve which will result in brand loyalty.

The following are some of the ways in which WhatsApp Business API integration will help enterprises in expanding their market share.

  • Promote the Brand
    • Promotions and marketing are crucial for a business to survive in the market.
    • With the advancing technology, it has become important to stay updated with the latest trends and use them wisely.
    • Sending a promotional message on WhatsApp has many advantages over other communication channels such as voice calls or SMS.
    • WhatsApp messages do not disturb the users (when sent in moderation). Users will not have to stop their work to check the message. They can do it when in their free time.
    • Enterprises can send high-quality images, videos, or brochures to users to attract the users’ attention.
    • Users can find all the related information in one place- right in their chatbox. This makes it easier for them to find out more details about the product or service.
    • WhatsApp generates a preview of the web links, allowing users to catch a glimpse of the website without opening the link.
    • Users can reply to the message in the same chatbox asking for more information.
    • The conversation can be converted into a transaction by allowing users to purchase the product or book/ confirm their order from within the chatbox.
    • Sending targeted messages to users based on their product preference, purchase history will result in attracting their attention and increasing sales.
    • Cross-promotions, sending personalized messages in bulk to users, being available to users round the clock, etc. are some of the other ways of promoting a brand.
  • Improve Customer Service
    • When customers can directly communicate with the support staff of a business without the hassle of going through the complicated process of calling customer care, it makes them feel relieved.
    • Enterprises can set automated replies to send instant responses to customer-initiated messages.
    • Chatbots are created for the same purpose. The bots act as a part of the support staff by responding to customer messages and keeping them engaged.
    • Recording the messages to the support staff, sending standard replies to generic questions and FAQs, or asking standard questions based on the selected responses, the bots are useful in many ways.
    • Finding the root cause of the complaint becomes easier and the support staff can work on troubleshooting it with increased efficiency.
    • When a customer’s complaint is resolved sooner, it creates a good impression on the customers. This, in turn, will help in customer retention.
  • Send Notifications
    • Keeping the customers informed about their orders, deliveries, payments, and service schedules is a great way to register the brand in the customers’ mind.

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