Days in days out we keep on hearing about the soars of technology, but alongside creep in those dreadful words about that same technology betraying our trust laid into it. It was not long back when Facebook was dragged into the spotlight for all the right reasons. Never had we thought if such a fair company would use our personal information in ways unimaginable.

And then there are Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbusters that exhibit to us those dreary possibilities that artificial intelligence could get manifested into.

There is nothing foul in bringing issues amid the public, it in fact does bring goodness to us in totality. People need to stay wary of what their surroundings do offer to them!

But the fear of one thing shall not creep into our perception about everything else. The ills of a Hemlock should not make us fear Lilacs alongside. Such similar fear does trouble people in stepping different sorts of technology. When it comes to workflow automation, people fall unsure if they can get to work confidently using reliable and secure enterprise technology; they are unsure if the data they share could be assured privacy and security. Checkbox would try to bring some clarity onto these such issues – Contact Us


Why do people not show reliability and a sense of security in technology?

Neologism comes to life when changes around make it necessary. One such change has been attributed to this technology – Technophobia: The fear of technology. Is fear good? Or does it hinder the pace of the human race? Not all the fears could be attributed to a lack of information. Some fears are coherent, as logical as dealing carefully with snakes. But others are an extension of those, which could only be dealt with awareness and knowledge. These are the reason people quiver showing trust and reliability into technology:

• Metathesiophobia: The fear of Change – People often prefer lying easy within their walls. Their mind fears that changing would bring discomfort to their already easy-going lives. People fear automation because they think it would bring them discomfort or a loss of their position.h2

• Cainotophobia: The fear of something new – Psychology says that when we fail to anticipate the outcome, we fear the novelty. We had fancied the thoughts of A.I., but a deeper contemplation made us think otherwise.h2

• Episodes of Life – We walk through and learn from our experiences, and if these experiences come foul to our senses, our mind initiates a fight or flight response towards something similar in the future. When the foul flesh of Cambridge Analytica was revealed to the world, people had started to sense a blend of dread and hatred. The trust laid was challenged. We love our privacy, and when an experience tells us that it could be challenged, we hesitate in the future. It also leads us to question secure and reliable enterprise technology.

The technology works as an extended part of our brain – What our brains cannot handle,technology tosses it easy and brings us the delights we desire. One big reason that Workflow Automation had seen some raised brows was that of the fear if the private data of companies would be compromised. But people must know that evolution is a part of a journey, and as have things come forth before us, we have adapted accordingly.

Automation is secure now more than ever. Just as Checkbox offers sturdy data encryptions, security scans, Network-based Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) that helps in identifying the hoodies, Security Firewalls, Regular Monitoring. There are data laws that defend the privacy of people now.

Companies now do work confidently using reliable and secure enterprise technology that Checkbox Offers. Let the fear of the unknown not hinder you from getting miles ahead of your competitors.