As technology has grown throughout the 21st century, we have seen how it has affected our society in a multitude of methods. The Internet and other technological advancements have become more prominent in our society in 2020, and as they have grown immensely in recent years, we have begun to experience some of the main effects. There have been many areas of development that have been impacted by the rise of technology, and one of the most important facets has been the economic change. The economy has grown to be more technology-driven in the modern era, and this has opened up a myriad of possibilities for corporations all around the globe. While the large majority of these changes have been beneficial to our civilization, one of the negative aspects of the rise of technology on industry has been the rise of cybercrime. Cybercrime has become a greater problem than ever before in the past few years, and in order to diminish digital risk (especially during the development process), it is important to utilize a system of DevSecOps. DevSecOps is a culture where all facets of a company are protected during software development, and helps to improve businesses’ security protocols.

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DevSecOps in 2020

Having a top-tier cybersecurity protocol is a necessity for all companies in 2020, and having a system of DevSecOps will ensure that your company is protected. DevSecOps is defined as developer security operations, and works similarly to the system of DevOps. While DevOps has been more prominent in the past, the added security benefits of DevSecOps has grown this facet significantly. DevOps is known for creating software in a streamlined manner, but this is what often leads to problems with security. Because developers work quickly, they are not as focused on cybersecurity, leaving technical bugs that give hackers the potential to penetrate software. DevSecOps does the opposite, and takes time to carefully protect against creating security leaks. This is why utilizing DevSecOps is so crucial for your company.

DevSecOps for Corporations

There are numerous important elements for any cybersecurity system, but DevSecOps has proven to be one of the most essential facets for corporations. DevSecOps boosts overall security throughout your company, especially during the development of software. DevSecOps diminishes the possibility for digital risk and makes sure that you will not leak any of your company’s sensitive technology, leaked credentials, and ensures that there are no erroneous configurations. When you have technical leaks, you business will be harmed, so it is important to ensure that your DevSecOps system is highly functional and can combat the potential for any security issues. Learning why DevSecOps is so crucial and how you can make your company more secure is crucial for your corporation’s continued success.

Final Thoughts

There are many challenges that you will face when operating a corporation in 2020, and cybersecurity should definitely be one of your greatest concerns. However, by implementing a system of DevSecOps into your business model, you will be safe from any cybercrimes and can run a more successful enterprise.