Nowadays, with the newer and more flat-screen TVs released, the more options for positioning televisions arise. From the usual television stands came the stand mounts and wall mounts, with the latter gaining more popularity across different households.

Most television owners highly prefer TV wall mounts because it saves space and makes the room look organised and decluttered. For customers who are about to purchase their very own flat-screen TV, they need to choose whether to mount their TV on the wall or not.

How safe are TV wall mounts? What are some of its advantages?

The TV wall mounts are relatively easy to install, provided that the instructions in the mount and the television’s manual are followed accordingly. It is a practical option for people with limited space in their homes. It is also excellent for families with young children and pets since the television is elevated against the wall and is therefore out of reach.

Of course, other factors to be considered to gauge whether tv wall mounts are the better choice for securing and positioning TV sets or not.

TV Wall Mount

● Positioning— Mounting a television on a wall maximises space and creativity in such a way that the mount can even be attached to other areas and angles. Its flexibility in terms of where it can be attached has significantly helped boost customer convenience in different establishments as well. Notice how some fast-food chains make use of mounted TV screens to help customers keep track of their orders. Other companies install televisions on walls to make announcements and make it easier for visitors to find the information they need.
● Staying connected— One of the perks of mounting televisions is it enables wireless connectivity. Installing cable wires are a thing of the past. This is also the result of more hi-tech smart TVs released by the biggest tech companies. It seamlessly combines function with user convenience.
● Viewing pleasure— There is a misconception that mounting television on the wall can cause strain on the neck. The truth is flat screens, and Smart TVs are now designed to cover a wider viewing angle. Screen resolutions are continuously enhanced to reduce the amount of glare it releases, thereby allowing users to watch with more clarity no matter where they situate themselves in the room while they watch.
● Durability and stability— Compared to televisions and flat screens placed on tables or stands, TVs mounted on walls are less likely to be toppled over or fall. Flat screens are slim enough to fit into the crevices of the mount. At the same time, mounts are designed to carry different sizes of televisions.
● Mounting types— Aside from a flat mount, wall mounts come in a variety of forms, such as full-motion mount and a swivel mount. Some mounts even have hooks. Flat mounts are ideal for TV sets that enable wireless connectivity, while swivel and full-motion mount leave enough space for users to connect gaming console cables to the appliance’s ports.

The TV wall mounts fit modern lifestyles and appliance designs. It is easy to install and easily adjusts to all types of interior arrangements. It accommodates different user needs and preferences without compromising user safety. More importantly, wall mounts can still be enhanced to suit more advanced facilities and entertainment needs in the future.