When you are using router as means of internet, R6300 is the smart choice. Surely you are using this router but right now you are not getting expected speed. There are some simple ways to optimize R6300 router for maximum internet speed.

Netgear R6300 is LAN Ethernet and dual band gigabit wireless router that enables high speed internet with the help of Wi-Fi. It is important to note that some routers are not compatible with spectrum internet. But this one is spectrum compatible routers that ensures maximum internet speed. So when you are in this way and don’t get high and required speed, we are going to let you know some simple ways to optimize R6300 router for maximum internet speed.

How to optimize R6300 Router for maximum speed (h2)


You have R3600 router and Speed optimization of this router is not a difficult task and you can do it easily at your home indeed. There are some simple steps and you need to follow.

Change the MTU

It is important to know a routers maximum transmission unit (MTU) and it depends on the application you are using. Netgear always recommends to reduce the MTU from its default value of 1500 to 1436 to make sure you can get best speed from VPN connection. It is easy to change this settings when you are on the way to the MTU settings in the advanced section of the Menu on the Netgear.

Change wireless Channel

In case you think that your connection is slow and you need to maximize, changing wireless channel can be another way to go. This helps generate a clear and flawless wireless signal by avoiding frequencies which may have so many local interfaces.

So you go to wireless settings menu and try channels 1 or 6 and 11. These channels are not surely overlapping each other on the frequency spectrum. In the same way, R3600 always support for Dual band transmission. This ensures clean signals and removes any fault that ultimately boosts the speed.

Set up MAC filtering

Sometimes your network may be slow due to media access control (MAC) filtering and it often causes reduced speed indeed. This MAC filtering blocks unexpected traffic except pre-approved traffic from MAC addresses.

So you need to go to security tap of the R3600 router to turn this option on. This is the process you can do it at your home. The main aim of this MAC filtering is that no unwanted devices can access with your network and surely boosts the efficiency of the speed.
Update Firmware

Firmware of the router is a built in software that controls routers operation smoothly. The router commonly R3600 publishes firmware updates day after day and you have to look for these updates. These updates come to let you know to take effective steps. But we commonly don’t think this issue rather we overlook and continue to use the internet. Additionally these updates are sent to inform you that there is patch security vulnerabilities which have been detected since the routers releases.

So it is important to get updates and keep close eyes on this updates. For this you have to check the firmware updates from this router menu. So you go to Administration panel and press on firmware update and take effective steps as instructed by those updates. In this way, you are going to maximizing your internet speed from R3600 router.

Basic router Channels

Today’s router are more advanced and full of settings because it uses radio waves to transfer data between router and computer or other devices. The routers come with 2.4GHz and GHz bands and it is often seen that frequencies are shared with every devices such as cordless phones to other devices. Routers that operates 2.4GHz segment use one of 11 different channels.

When you are going to change this channel manually, you will get faster speed. But most of the cases, the users don’t understand this channel or change the default channel. Some networks may operate on the same channel and interfere with anybody. This is not good at all but it reduces the speed. So you should know default channels settings clearly to make sure you can get faster speed.

More importantly it is important to know which channels you are going to use as safe and secured connection. In that case you may consult with technical expert to know every details and solve the problem that we often face at our home.

Final Verdict

Now that everybody has a router at home and they often face interruption or slow speed. If they know the settings system, they don’t have to go to internet service provider. This solution can save your time and money. But most of us don’t want to change any setting to due to fear of connection halt. So you just study and work as technical expert to make sure you can solve your problem at home easily.