Meet Moodo, not only the smartest, connected aroma diffuser, it is the only diffuser that allows you to shape and customize scents according to your mood.

Moodo® is a one of a kind aroma diffuser that can be loaded with up to 4 Moodo scent capsules simultaneously, from a selection of dozens of unique high-quality fragrances.


Scent is personal. Choose your fragrance capsules from Moodo’s wide variety of high-quality fragrances: pick one of the pre-set mixtures proposed by the Moodo app, or use the free Moodo app to mix 4 fragrances and create your own unique scents.


Scent families: harmonized fragrances for mood creation

Convenient and easy: Moodo fragrance capsules are arranged in scent families. Each scent family is a pack of four capsules which are compatible & harmonized to create a wonderful scent in any mixing selection.


The smartest aroma diffuser in the world

With wi-fi connectivity & multiple smart features. Moodo makes it easy to match the scent in your schedule and lifestyle.

Moodo the smart aroma diffuser, connects to Siri, Alexa IFTTT and other smart home platforms. Get 10% off your first purchase