Oregon Trail is a classic saga that has been computer players’ favorite for a long time. The beauty of this game is its entertainment element and how it teaches about 19th-century traders.

This game was started in 1971 by three people who got inspiration from 19th century pioneer life on the Oregon Trail. After getting launched, this game soon became a hit and was developed continuously.

In fact, its latest version was released in 2021 by Apple, which Gameloft developed. So, if you have never played this game, this is your chance to play Oregon Trail and experience the 19th century traders.

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What are the different versions of the Oregon Trail Game?

The Oregon Trail game has seen various versions and adaptations over the years, each offering its own unique gameplay experience. Some of the notable versions include:

  • The Oregon Trail (1971): The original version of the game was created by three student teachers in Minnesota to teach their students about 19th-century pioneer life. It was text-based and played on mainframe computers.
  • The Oregon Trail (1985): Developed by MECC (Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium), this version introduced graphics and was released for various home computer systems like the Apple II. It became widely popular in schools across the United States.
  • The Oregon Trail II (1995): This sequel expanded on the original game with improved graphics and gameplay features. It allowed players to choose different routes and make decisions that affected their journey.
  • The Oregon Trail: 3rd Edition (1997): This version introduced more detailed graphics and added new features such as the ability to hunt with a bow and arrow.
  • The Oregon Trail: 4th Edition (1999): Building on the previous versions, this edition included updated graphics, new activities, and improved user interface.
  • The Oregon Trail (2009): A reboot of the original game, the oregon trail (2009 video game) version was released as a browser-based game and later made available on mobile platforms. It retained the core gameplay mechanics while updating the graphics and adding new content.
  • The Oregon Trail: American Settler (2011): This mobile game is a spin-off of the original Oregon Trail, focusing on building and managing a frontier town rather than the journey westward. It introduced city-building elements and social features.

These are just a few examples of the different versions of the Oregon Trail game that have been released over the years. Each version offers its own take on the pioneer experience, catering to different platforms and audiences.

Ways to Survive the Oregon Trail

Whether you have been playing for a while or you are new to the world of the Oregon Trail game, surviving it can be challenging. That’s why we have listed six of the best tips that will make survival easier for you with an oregon trail best strategy for winning.

Pace and Rest

Players treat the Oregon Trail like a race. But it’s a marathon where you can go long distances by playing the game correctly.

So, instead of keeping the game fast-paced. You should try to rest at certain intervals. Doing this will not only keep your health in check, but it will also make sure that you don’t die of exhaustion.

Buying Stuff

The amount of stuff you can buy depends on your profession. For instance, if you are a banker, you could purchase more items and start luxuriously.

You can get 9 yokes (18 oxen), 3 of each spare part, 20 sets of clothes, and 2000 pounds of food. Meanwhile, the number of bullets you can take with you on the trail depends on you. So, if you want to play a really easy game, you must choose a banker.

On the other hand, you get a limited budget if you are a farmer. That means you can only purchase supplies. If you purchase 3 yokes (6 oxen), 20 boxes of bullets, 2 of each spare part, and 15 sets of clothes, you could save around $30. For the food, you need to hunt wild animals.

Start Date

As the Oregon Trail player, you have two choices. You can either start early or start late. But you must always choose to start early. Because when you leave early, you can burn time, but if you are late, you might have to face harsh climatic conditions on the trail, which can further make your journey difficult.

Surviving on trial depends on how calculated decisions you can make. The ideal time to leave is around spring, i.e., April. Around this time, traders won’t get cold, and they can miss a few diseases, which might have wiped them out.


Upon starting the game, you will encounter three difficulty settings or choices. These includes:

  • Banker ($1600)
  • Carpenter ($800, 2× points)
  • Farmer ($400, 3× points)

Each of these professions is nearly the same in the game. But the difference lies in the bonus point and the starting money. Mostly, players choose farmers because it comes with a chance to take maximum points.

A point to note here is that your journey will be slightly easy if you choose the banker profession. Choosing the carpenter profession will make the game a little difficult, and the difficulty level will increase with a farmer.

But at the end of the game, the farmer’s points will be tripled, and the carpenter’s points will double. But the banker’s point does not change. And this is how to beat the oregon trail as a farmer!

Mode of Transportation

Choosing the right mode of transportation and animal is one of the few things you must choose correctly. If you want to have a fast-paced game, you can stick with a smaller wagon and horses. Usually, beginners choose the Prairie Schooner wagon.

Also, check the wheel of the wagon before starting the Oregon game. Wide wheels won’t let the wagon sink into soft terrain, and bigger wheels can roll through obstacles.

Stop for Nothing

You might get emotional if your favorite character or an animal dies, but you must stop for nothing. If you truly want to win the game, you need to keep moving. This way, you can reach the finish line at the expected time.

If you stop to grieve for the death, you will waste time. And even worse, robbers might attack you, or the climatic condition can get worse, further delaying your journey.

We know it sounds harsh, but the real Oregon Trail traders stopped for nothing. They were aware of the realities of the time. They didn’t have time to grieve because all they wanted was to survive and win.

What are the ways to hack in the Oregon Trail Game?

While we can offer tips on playing games ethically and within their intended rules, hacking or cheating in games like the Oregon Trail goes against the spirit of fair play and can diminish the enjoyment of the game for yourself and others.

Instead, we recommend embracing the challenge and excitement of playing the game as intended.

If you’re looking to enhance your experience, consider exploring different strategies, learning from your mistakes, and enjoying the journey of navigating the trail with your settlers.

If you have any questions about gameplay or need assistance with specific aspects of the Oregon Trail game, feel free to ask!


If you want to play Oregon Trail online and want to know how to beat the oregon trail, you need to play and think like the real 19th century traders. You should make the right choices at the right time to avoid any regret.

With that, you must follow the six survival oregon trail gametips listed in this post to improve your chances of winning.