Clash of Clans Update – Angry Jelly, New Events, and More

Calling all Chiefs! The latest update for Clash of Clans, the Temperamental Tentacles update, is here, and it is packed with exciting new features, upgrades, and quality-of-life improvements to take your village to the next level. Let’s jump right in and see what awaits you!

clash of clans

Introducing Angry Jelly – Your Chaotic New Pet

Get ready to unleash some mayhem with the Angry Jelly, a brand-new flying pet with a long-range attack. But that’s not all! This feisty friend comes with a unique ability called Brainwash. Brainwash forces the Hero it’s attached to focus solely on taking down enemy defenses.

While attached, the Angry Jelly becomes invincible and avoids traps, making it a powerful offensive asset. However, this protection ends once the Hero is defeated or the Brainwash ability wears off, making the Angry Jelly vulnerable again.

This strategic pet is available for Town Hall 16 players with a Level 10 Pet House, so get ready to add some chaotic fun to your attacks!

Maximize Your Defenses

You can now upgrade all your walls to a mighty Level 17, further solidifying your village’s defenses. This upgrade brings even more protection against enemy attacks, making your base an impenetrable fortress.

clash of clans

Test Your Skills in the New Streak Event

The update introduces a thrilling new challenge known as the Streak Event! This event tests your daily attacking prowess. Each day, your attacks will contribute to a destruction percentage and require a specific number of stars.

Completing these daily challenges unlocks rewards and boosts your League Bonus. But remember, failing a challenge resets your streak, so stay focused and keep those attacks sharp! If you miss a day or two, you can use Gems to either continue your streak or restart it fresh.

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Builder Base Gets a Defensive Makeover

Like the Clan Capital, the Builder Base allows you to set separate defensive layouts! This means you can have a custom defensive layout without sacrificing aesthetics. Decorate your active layout to your heart’s content without worrying about its effectiveness.

clash of clans

You can even prevent others from copying your masterpiece by simply visiting your edit screen. This update brings more customization and control over your Builder Base, allowing you to craft the perfect defensive strategy.

Quality of Life Improvements and More!

The Temperamental Tentacles update is packed with various quality-of-life improvements that enhance your overall gameplay experience. These include adjustments to Clan Games tasks, improved Hero behavior, and clearer information displays in the Laboratory and Barbarian Puppet Hero Equipment.


The latest update brings balance changes to Clan Wars, with adjustments to rewards, war roster selection, and matchmaking. These changes ensure fairer competition and a more rewarding Clan War experience.

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