The pre-patch for The Burning Crusade Classic is finally going underway and fans are ecstatic about the upcoming release of the expansion.

The latest update for The Burning Crusade Classic is finally upon us as the pre-expansion patch for it is slated to launch on May 18. This means that the servers for Classic will be down momentarily to make way for the maintenance. This server maintenance will implement The Burning Crusade into the servers of Classic, thus moving the game forward to the next expansion. The launch of the pre-patch can mean many things for the players. For one, they can finally try out some of the new features that were discussed beforehand. And second, there’s the addition of the two new races. The community didn’t expect to see the arrival of the expansion this early, but Blizzard has stated that they only have two weeks, worth of time for making the pre-patch update. Players can expect more patches to come later on to optimize and smoothen things out. Who knows? Blizzard might even add a bunch of new stuff such as WoW Mounts for sale down the line or a stealth drop of another new weapon.


The Right Time

The release of the pre-patch could not have been better in timing for Blizzard. Raiding activities for Vanilla World of Warcraft have gone pretty stale at the moment. This makes players at least entertain the thought of transitioning towards Classic for a while to see what’s new in The Burning Crusade expansion. The downtime that the players are experiencing from Vanilla World of Warcraft is a great time for them to recharge or pursue other goals within the franchise. The Burning Crusade was an expansion that’s a favorite by many when it was first released back in the day. While a huge chunk of the reason is due to nostalgia and it’s the first-ever expansion for World of Warcraft, one can’t deny the sheer volume of new dungeons and raids that were introduced back then. Who would ever forget about the raid fights in the Serpantshrine Caverns and Netherspite? Needless to say, this is the perfect time for World of Warcraft Vanilla players to leave their WoW mounts for sale (at least for a while) and turn to Classic for the time being.

The Official Release

Players must take note that it’s only the pre-patch that’s going to go live on May 18, whereas the Burning Crusade Classic will officially launch on June 1. That’s a long way to go for some, but this two-week time period between both launches is crucial for Blizzard. Besides the server maintenance happening, this is the perfect time for them to revise or make last-minute decisions regarding the expansion and update. There’s no telling when some bugs or loose ends might show up that need to be addressed immediately. Another thing to note about the pre-patch period is that the Dark Portal won’t be open yet–at least, until June 1. This means that players won’t be able to reach the newest maximum level of 70 just yet, but that’s just a minor setback for many since at the very least they’ll be able to reach level 60 at most. No doubt there’s going to be a ton of players who are going to start the expansion with new characters to be able to try the latest races, so the two-week period can also be their time to catch up with the rest of the folks. World of Warcraft has clearly risen in graphical demand over a short while. With new expansions testing the limits of PCs alongside the introduction of high refresh rates, you should assemble PC from the MVP to gain access to reasonably priced gear that’ll pull your game through thick and thin!

Blizzard Finally Listens

Blizzard has received numerous backlashes from its community following the price of cloning a player’s World of Warcraft Classic character to the expansion. At first, Blizzard stated that the price of the optional cloning service was 35 USD. This cloning service lets players still be able to play WoW Classic content while also being allowed to gain access to The Burning Crusade expansion with the same character. Those who opted not to use this service will instead have their original WoW Classic character stuck to the Classic servers and they’ll have to make a new character for the TBC expansion. The price tag was heavily criticized by almost everyone in the community, resulting in Blizzard getting into a knee-deep situation. Lo and behold, Blizzard finally listens. According to them, after some thinking and careful consideration, they have decided to lower the price from 35 USD to 15 USD. This is great news for players who are planning to bring their original character over to TBC in the first place as they don’t need to spend a lot for a service that–arguably–should have been free.

Final Thoughts

Many are exciting for The Burning Crusade Classic expansion that’s expected to launch on June 1. Besides the latest news and updates that Blizzard has shared with its players for the past few weeks such as new weapons and races, there’s bound to be more secret items to buy wow gold and even WoW mounts for sale down the line and players tackle Classic’s first-ever revised expansion. What do you think about The Burning Crusade? Are you excited to dive straight into it? Let us know your perspective about this down below.