Many people will buy a laptop when they need to work or study. Then the laptops shops are our first choice. There are staff there to help us introduce their performance and parameters. However, as consumers, we cannot only listen to the recommendation of shop assistants. After all, I need to know a little. So that I can choose the right laptop according to my own needs. So how to choose our favorite laptop?

I. Price

All commercial activities that do not talk about price have no basis. In fact, many of us are ordinary people. We are not very generous in money. When buying a commodity, we will pay attention to its price. This is true for goods that are not cheap, such as laptops.

If you are a student party that only needs a laptop to watch videos and browse web pages, it is a good choice to buy a second-hand laptop. We can buy it on the second-hand goods selling website. Generally speaking, second-hand laptops are lower than new laptops.

Sometimes they can be bought at only a fraction of the original price. It is a cost-effective choice. However, the risk of this kind of second-hand goods is high.

If you buy some repaired or faulty second-hand laptops, it will be inconvenient to use. You will be in a bad mood. In the end, it is not worthwhile.


If your budget is sufficient, as long as the price is within the range you can afford, choose the good one.


II. After Sales

Buying such electronic products is not a one-time use, but a one-time use. Over time, there will definitely be problems with laptops, which need to be repaired at this time. Therefore, a good terminal after-sales service is also essential.

Generally speaking, today’s laptops will enjoy maintenance services for at least one year. For example, how long can it be replaced when occurring and how long can they be repaired free of charge. Not all brands have such good services.

Some small brands do not have this service, so we must pay attention to the after-sales service when purchasing.

If this brand does not have after-sales, then we should consider carefully. After all, laptops are not cheap to repair.


III. Performance

Finally, the laptop is a commodity, and the commodity is used. Therefore, the performance is important. The performance is related to many factors. So it needs to be distinguished carefully and patiently.

Generally speaking, laptops cannot give full play to the performance of graphics cards due to their size. The proportion of graphics cards to performance is not very large.

The main difference still lies in CPU performance. INTER’s CPU on the market is i9 > i7 > i5 > i3 among the products of the same generation. While AMD is R9 > R7 > R5. And so on. The larger the number, the better the performance.

If you don’t have extreme performance requirements, the CPU around the middle end can handle most of the work. For example, HONOR MAGICBOOK PRO uses AMD’s R5 4600H chip with 6 cores and 12 threads.

Whether it is to deal with high-intensity daily work or to play a game, it is enough.

In fact, when choosing a notebook computer, one needs to go to the shop to try it. Only the suitable is the best.