Are you wondering how to convert words to PDF format for free? Well, converting your documents into a PDF format can be easy, and it just takes a couple of seconds to convert your documents to PDF with a single click. Whether you are working on your smartphone or computer, you can still convert your document to PDF from anywhere.

Several websites can convert your documents to PDF, but sometimes you don’t get the feature to customize your PDF file, or it can be a matter of privacy of your documents. Here is the solution to all your problems.


CocoDoc is an online PDF editor where you can convert your documents into PDF format for free. Not only can you convert your documents into PDF, but also you can edit them with various features this platform provides. The platform has an interactive and convenient interface that makes it easier for everyone to customize their files with any professional help.

Customize your PDF document as per your preference using different tools, thus increasing work efficiency and saving your time. You can also rely on the safety measures which keep your documents safe and private.

Easy Guide To Convert DOC to PDF

What is a PDF File & Why Do We Still Rely on Them

Here are the steps to convert a word file to a PDF conveniently.

Step 1: Create Account and Access File Converters

First, create a free account by completing the registration process in CocoDoc if you are not already registered with their community. The registration process is quite simple and takes a couple of minutes to complete. After that, click on the Doc to PDF converter to access this tool.


Step 2: Upload File

The next step is to upload your document that you want to convert to PDF format. Click on the choose file box, and a tab will open from where you can search your document and upload it by selecting the file or by directly dragging the folder into the website. You can also upload your file from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or paste document file URLs. CocoDoc has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to understand everything steps by step.

Step: 3 Download and Share

Once you have uploaded your file, just sit back and relax. Your document will be converted to a PDF file automatically. Once your file is converted to PDF format, you can download it on your device or share it with everyone.


Features of CocoDoc

Here are some of the exciting features you can avail yourself on this platform:

The Best Word to PDF Converter

CocoDoc is the best file converter; when you want to convert your document to PDF or PDF to document, you can convert any document. It does not intervene with the formatting of the document and keep it the way it is. You can convert your document to PDF within a few seconds.

Convert Documents to PDF Anytime on Any Device

Since it is an online platform, you can convert your documents to PDF anytime and on any device. Whether it is your smartphone or computer, this platform can be accessed from anywhere.

Quick and Efficient Processing

The conversation of your documents in just a matter of seconds after you upload your file. It provides you with quick and efficient processing of Doc into PDF.

Multiple Document Formats Supported

Apart from converting documents to PDF, the website has plenty of other features, including PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, split and merge PDF, merge PDF files, PDF compressor and you can even edit your PDF and add some creativity and design to it.

Instant PDF Sharing

Not only converting your documents in PDF format and editing your PDF documents, but this platform also provides you with the feature to share your PDF documents among your team members and customers instantly. This saves you some time and increases workflow.

Save and Download Your PDF Documents

Along with the feature to share your documents with your team members and customers, it also helps you to save and download your PDF files for further reference. This helps to find your document quickly whenever you need it later and get it printed anytime you want.


With CocoDoc, increase your productivity and seamless workflow. The exciting features on CocoDoc give you a smooth experience to customize your documents with its array of features and give you documents a creative and stylish look to present your data systematically. Enhance your documentation editing process in a smartened, hassle-free, and easy manner.