How to Write a Killer Explainer Video Script

How to Write a Killer Explainer Video Script

Explainer videos are one of the best assets used in branding to boost sales and conversion rates. These videos are created to spread awareness among the viewers. Videos created for products incorporate information related to the procedures and process involved. It guides the viewer about how to use a particular product and gives a completed demonstration of its significance.

How to Write a Killer Explainer Video ScriptExplainer videos have interesting characters with engaging plots that bind the attention of viewers and sustain of longer. It is the best food to feed the distraction of customers. If you want to drive the maximum outcomes from your explainer video, you must follow the set of instructions listed below:

Keep It Short

An explainer video only last from 60 to 90 seconds. In this duration, you have to deliver the complete meaning and message. You have to explain the entire process and this is only possible if you compose content with precise information. You must not exceed your duration and strive to stick within it. You can opt out information that is not so important or use precise sentence structure that can address more than one point brilliantly.

Place the Important Point in The Intro

You have to work on your into as that is the major portion that can capture the attention. You have to make it instant attention-grabbing. Address the common issues that users may come across and present the best solution to keeping your product/ service. In this way, you introduce a product without bragging or showcasing a promotional stunt. You become able to play the product more naturally.

Interact with Customers

One of the most important assets is to maintain interaction properly. You have to make sure that your customers indulge in your video and you are able to interact with them. Add compelling questions or elements that can entice them completely. Use words like “you” and “your”. Your videos must have a touch of personalization. For that, you must take a step closer to your customers and understand what they truly need and demand. You must learn about their common issues and should come up with a brilliant solution. Out and out your content should be valuable.

Create an Emotional Bond

The professionals of explainer video animation company focused on establishing an emotional bond with their valued customers. It’s important to trigger emotions if you want to bring out the potential results. You can do this if you incorporate a story into your plot. If you are creating a video for enhancing your brand, ty adding a story to your video that can deliver a glimpse of your excellence. You have to draw them closer to your entity while showcasing your elevated level of professionalism.

Moreover, if it’s about a product, you can sketch a plot that can create an urge among your viewers to grab your products. Explainer videos can be utilized in a number of ways to bring the outcomes you desire.

Adopt the Right Tone

Your videos are the face and voice of your brand. The explainer videos can enhance your brand identity only if you adopt the right tone. You have to stay professional and above all try to incorporate a sense of uniformity in your work. Add colors present in your brand identity and sketch the entire plot keeping in view your brand voice and customer preferences.

Choose the Right Type

Explainer videos have a number of categories. Each category has an individual set of rules and techniques to follow. You have to understand the criteria and select the type according to your brand’s needs and demands. Among the many different the two most important ones are:

3D Animation

It is one of the most famous types of animation. The characters and story are created in a three-dimensional framework. Each aspect is enhanced to the principle of science and physics. The animators get instructed not to add a lot of exaggeration. Animation should show a realistic touch with appropriate expressions and postures. Your characters should move, respond, and make gestures much like real life bodies.

2D Animation

Unlike 3D animation, 2D animation does not use a lot of frames. Though frames are created as the camera angle remains the same so it gets easier to create the animation. The plot is sketched in a two-dimensional framework.