Your website is dummy without traffic. Every business needs traffic on the website to scale their global and digital presence.

Since SEO is the key to gaining the website traffic, so apart from the website design you’ve to work on your website to make it the best among the rest.

First, start with knowing your website, your target audience, and the design of your website.

5 Latest Web Development Trends to Follow 2019

1. Know SEO

It’s impossible to gain your website traffic without indexing it on Google and only SEO Expert in Bangladesh helps you reach there. SEO doesn’t come when you have finalized the design of your website, it comes with it. A quality website is created considering the SEO factors.

Search the most relevant keywords of your niche and include them in your content. Make sure all the images on your website are SEO optimized. Dedicate a title and meta description to every page of your website.

Take care of the internal pages of your site and all the important content of your website should contain the keywords in it.

2. Work on the Content Strategy

Words are important and they play a strong role in grabbing the customers to your website. First,know what needs to be included on your website especially the home page.

If you own product-based business, then know the best features of your product and highlight on the home page. Don’t write long paragraphs or content for your business but instead try to be short and to the point.

Keyword optimization is a must in your content strategy. Apart from that there are different types of content; blog posts, videos, infographics, eBook and podcasts.

Decide which form of content will suit best to your website and aligns with the primary goal of your content. You can also use all of them but make sure it doesn’t conflict your website content goals.

3. Start Blogging through Your Website

Blogging is an incredible way to rush traffic on your website. When you constantly stays on Google with new blog every time, you increase your website ranking. You also get successful in getting the customer loyalty.

Sharing helpful information with readers makes the connection stronger and build your credibility under their belt. But while you blog, create compelling headlines that intrigue your customers and makes them read your content.

Use realistic photos in your blog and make them SEO optimized like include their Alt-text, write their title and customize their size that increases the readability of the content.

4. Leverage Social Media

In the emerging competition today, you can’t neglect the social media to grow your website reach. Social media is a huge platform and more than 1 billion users have an active presence on Facebook and Instagram. So, make your business account on these platforms and start promoting your business on it.

Pinterest is also recommended for sharing tips and tricks and communicating your audience through visuals.

If you’re serious about gaining traffic on your website, then social media is the way to go. It won’t only increase your worth in the competition but will also make your presence noticed.

5.Don’t use the bot for making content

Google is smart. It can analyze the difference between a human and a bot. So, don’t try to fool Google with spin bot content. Your writings should be by human. If you create automatic content from machines then you’ll have a hard time indexing your website on the search engines.

None of the above matters if you create content that sounds like a robot wrote it.

Write great stuff, follow the steps above, have patience, and you’ll see results.

If you want to gain traction here with your web design agency then you must not compromise with your website speed. It becomes the reason to switch immediately. Follow the tips above and watch your website flourishing.