6 Actionable Tips To Create Powerful About Us Pages


Do you know that the About Us section is one of the most visited pages on a website? This makes it essential to create powerful about us pages which leave a lasting impression on visitors. The page gives essential information about the organization or individual it represents. It also tells the audience why the website owner is the ideal solution for them. However, people rarely pay attention to this vital section of an interface. For instance, a person looking to turn HTML into WordPress website will be focused on the visual appeal of the homepage or the navigation scheme.

About Us section

Chances are the about us page will not be a primary concern for her. This section can encourage visitors to take the desired action and motivate them to invest emotionally in a brand. The following suggestions will help in creating a powerful page with compelling attributes.

1. Tell Your Story

Use the page to tell the story of your brand to the audience. Tell them how the organization was created and the struggles it had to endure. The idea is to present the human face of the brand. The tactic is not relevant only for enterprises or individuals with an interesting past. Even if your organization has not witnessed a long history of interesting changes, you can outline its story. You can talk about your personal struggles as an individual in starting the venture. Provide a backstory with elements of human interest which will be helpful in establishing a personal connection with the audience.

2. Talk About Your Audience’s Pain Points

Telling your story does not mean that the section needs to be only about your background. Do not forget that the primary objective of a website is to boost the conversion rate. The aim of the page must be to make people feel that they have found the best solution. Identify and mention your main customer and mention her pain points. Then outline how you can help them in effectively solving the problems. Make sure to mention the audience’s challenges in the initial lines of the content. Present any statistics which prove your claims. This will create a good impression of the visitors.

3. Include Different Media To Generate Interest

People do not read but scan website content. Moreover, an entirely text-based material can be visually boring. Include different types of media to generate interest among the visitors. Visuals can help you create powerful about us pages. Use pictures to enhance the visual appeal of the page. You can also narrate your story in the form of a timeline interspersed with images. In case you have a well-known personality on your team, include his/her photograph. You can also insert videos to capture people’s attention. Short clips can help in showcasing an innovative product or a humanizing attribute of the brand.

4. Include Examples Of Your Work

The majority of people visiting the page want to assess the suitability of the organization/individual for their purpose. The best way to impress such visitors is by showing them examples of your work. Mention some clients who you have helped successfully. You can include a byte from a satisfied customer in the form of a video clip. Including links to detailed case studies will be especially helpful for B@B operators. Their audiences are actively looking for solutions and the success stories can favorably influence their buying decisions. Even if you are a new organization, make it a point to briefly mention how you have successfully served customers.

5. Design The Page For Optimization And Engagement

Search engine optimization gets your interface in front of relevant audiences. You need to optimize the page so that it attracts more traffic. Include appropriate keywords in the text but make sure that they are placed naturally. Do not forget to include a title, meta description, and heading tags on the page. Once people arrive on the section, it is important to engage them. Variety of compelling content will hold their attention for the moment. However, in order to ensure their involvement in the future, share your social profiles on this page. Place attractive call to action tabs to encourage people to visit the profiles. It will be a good way to boost the engagement of your audience.

6. Use A Conversational Tone In The Content

Many people want to impress their visitors with their linguistic skills. They forget that the people visiting the website want to find out the purpose of the interface. The audience is only interested in finding an effective solution. Including complex words and jargon will only confuse them and they might move away to another interface. Use a conversational tone to explain how you will be the perfect choice for them. The material must feel accessible and friendly to prospective customers. Moreover, refrain from using an unusual name for the section. Visitors are looking for the about us page and it is your duty to help them find it easily.


Website owners must look to create powerful about us pages to leverage the large volume of traffic to such sections. An intelligently crafted page can help drive visitors engagement and boost the conversion rate of the interface.

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