As a digital marketer, you probably are aware of the significance of the landing pages. They are the powerful tools that help you in converting the visitors into leads and even promote reconversions. The reason is quite simple. The landing pages are designed by the best web development company in such a way that they will direct the users to other better-targeted pages with higher conversion rates. Landing pages are to capture the attention of visitors as they are there to grab the offered deals by completing the web form.

6 Important Points to remember while Designing your Landing Page for the WebsiteBut as easy as it sounds, there are a whole lot of things you need to consider while designing your Landing page. Therefore keeping you on track, we as the best web development company in India are discussing some important points to remember while designing your landing page for the website. Here it goes:

  1. All essential elements together for an effective landing page

There is no doubt that a landing page sets the first impression and helps in capturing the attention of the leads. It is designed keeping in mind the aim of converting visitors into leads by making the transaction successful and also by collecting the necessary information from them. Therefore it is necessary to include all the necessary elements but you have to ensure that they are in a flow.

For instance, it can start with the heading and a subheading which is optional but it is there makes the content more legible. Other than that the website landing page needs to have the description that can emphasise over the value of your business products and services, clearly stating why they are the ideal solution for consumers. You also need to have an image in support.

Other than that you can have testimonials which are optional but if you have, it can help in earning the trust of visitors. Don’t forget to add the web form in the end as they help you in gathering the information of the visitors. Lastly, make sure you hire the best Tampa web design experts to makeover your landing page.

  1. Headlines and sub-headlines should match with corresponding CTA

One thing that you need to ensure is that your message is very consistent and as promised in both your CTAs and for headlines of the landing page.

For instance, if people are clicking on a CTA (call to action), only to find out that you’re directing them to something else, they will lose their trust. Similarly, if the headlines of the landing pages or the content of it don’t go in sync, it will create confusion. Make sure all your CTA are directed to “what is promised” and that your landing page reflects the same.

  1. Less is more

The age old saying of “LESS IS MORE” applies here as well. As the leading web development company in India, we apply the same while designing any web page for our patrons. Cluttered web page looks more like chaos and doesn’t go well with visually cohesive design as well. People find it hard to focus or comprehend it. A web page with too many things will only confuse or overwhelm the visitors.

Therefore it is essential to be very particular when it comes to landing pages. You need to keep everything simple and comprehensible. Make the use of the page by keeping the text and the images simple, précised and compelling. Also, you should embrace that white page a little instead of filling it up with something or another.

  1. Focus on stating your value then features or specialisations

One thing you need to be very considerate about is what you’re writing for your landing page. Highlighting the benefits is obviously one of the many things you need to add either in bullet points or a brief paragraph. What all you have to offer can easily be surpassed by stating the value you offer. For instance, instead of mentioning the features or specialisations of your product, you can start to explain how it will benefit them in increasing efficiency or productivity. Instead of self-bragging, start mentioning how your product or service can prove to be the ideal solution to their problem or cater to their need. Make the landing page content in order to interest your targeted audience.

You can hire the professional assistance of the best web development company in India over the content for your website landing page.

  1. Include social media sharing as well

As the leading website designing company in India, we always focus on including social media sharing while designing the web page. The reason is quite simple. It will help you in boosting the prospect of conversion of your offers.

But then there is a fine line in including social media sharing and cluttering it. So make sure to limit it to the social media buttons as per your targeted audience. Also, email forwarding is a must as sharing preferences of people vary.

This is important because it’s not just the people that share your work, someone in their contact list might just buy it. Social media sharing buttons just open that prospect for you.

  1. Be very specific with the web forms

The web form constitutes an essential part of the landing page. Therefore it is very essential to be very specific with it. As the web development company In India, we often have been asked about how much or how little information should the business houses ask for in the forms. The answer is it varies from business to business. You have to keep the balance in collecting the information you require. To be talked about this in general, you have to have fewer fields on the form as it has higher chances of conversion rates.

The concept is quite simple. The longer form seems like a task and the users tend to avoid them completely. But on the other hand, the more fields also ensure the quality leads as they think your offer is valuable enough that they spend their time in form completion. Therefore you have to have a balance between both. You can test it on yourself and can determine the number of fields accordingly.

If you do not want to bother yourself with these details there are so many experienced web design agencies that you can hire. For example, there is a UK based web design agency, which offers a number of web design services. You can even book a free consultation with them to discuss everything prior to making a decision.

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