Cement garage floors take a heavy beating. It may not seem like such at first.

However, a number of years of traffic in the form of car tires, foot traffic, pet spills, liquid spills, dropped materials, car leaks and a lot more take a toll on a garage.

After about 10 years, the garage floor will look a bit darker than that fresh cement it first was. After about 20 years, it’s going to be cracked, stained, spotted, mottled and generally will look old. It’s not that the cement suddenly went bad; 20 years of wear and tear were slowly applied, and the damage built up.

Time to Consider an Upgrade

Obviously, nobody is going to think first about entirely replacing a garage floor. Aside from the fact that it would be a messy amount of hard, manual work, there would also be a lot of concern in regard to damage to a home’s foundation, especially if the garage is attached to the home.

So, most times, a renovation of a garage typically involves a cleaning of the cement. Acid baths are commonly recommended, which will remove some material, but they are not fully effective, especially with deep-seated stains.

A concrete epoxy flooring in Nashville, however, can definitely remake a garage. And, what many people don’t at first know, is that the professional epoxy treatment completely redoes the garage floor. The initial phase removes all the contaminants by grinding off the top layer until it gets down to clean, bare cement.

Doing so, not only is the outside material removed, stains that have permeated the cement are removed as well. This allows a completely bare surface which an epoxy treatment can attach to. It incredibly improves the bonding effect which is thoroughly created when the epoxy is liquid. Then, as the epoxy cures, it hardens in place and fills in every gap.

The Benefits of Epoxy as a Garage Floor Surface

Of course, there are other options for flooring covers, and many do apply to a garage.

However, the key problem involves durability. Most of these surface types don’t hold up well with heavy traffic, whether it’s tire scuffing or heavy boot traffic or other contact factors.

When the alternative choice then fails, it usually happens with peeling or flaking. And then the choice becomes a bit of an ugly, growing mess.

Epoxy garage flooring near me doesn’t fall apart. Because it gets applied with multiple layers, the result produces a strong cover on the cement itself that is bonded with the cement.

Additionally, the epoxy is not just one layer; it applies as a foundational layer, a middle decorative version and then a final top coat designed to take abuse and hold up.

The results produce a deeply-penetrating protection layer that fends off liquid, is easy to clean, doesn’t mark or scuff easily, and lasts for years, even with sun exposure.

How many flooring materials can do the same and last up to a decade without replacement, including parking a car on it? Not many.

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Look for Professional Help

As mentioned above, there are lots of choices for flooring, including garages. However, hands down, epoxy flooring is one of the best choices for cement.

And a professionally-applied epoxy treatment is the most reliable choice to go with in terms of correct application and meeting expectations in a correctly treated new floor.

Don’t settle for a lesser solution; if you’re going to apply epoxy, then have an experienced team do it right.