Among many SEO (search engine optimizations) strategies, Wikipedia links have to potential to gain backlinks, although the weight it carries is quite less than the other SEO techniques. There are a few reasons behind it: Google’s flexibility of editing the Wiki Pages is one of them. Due to the access to editing, the links become prone to frequent changes. This scenario is quite similar to private blog networks link building. However, despite these limitations, Wikipedia links are effective on many levels for building long-lasting linking networks.

Wikipedia links and marketing 

In marketing, Wikipedia links have a lot of potentials. However, the trick is to make proper use of the links and the platform of Wikipedia itself. This is where many fail or find it troublesome in making links. The reason behind this issue is that Wikipedia links do not provide much link juice; they are just good in terms of authority and positioning as being cited in a Wikipedia article. Honestly, that’s all!


But there is another option to acquire authority and long-term link sources from Wikipedia – making your own Wiki Page.

The biggest benefit of creating one’s Wiki page is that you can get unlimited access to Wiki links that not only have running link juice but also make you connected with a lot of Wikipedia links that can boost your site’s ranking and prominence in the online marketing world.

Also, a Wiki page will have your company/brand’s details such as basic company knowledge and expertise highlights, history, information about the head (CEO), mergers, various business lines, corporate structure, marketing campaigns, facts and figures, new developments, plans, and offers, etc. this detailed information page can make your brand known to many professionally and validly.

Now here’s the most important part: all this information has internal (in-text) and external linking web that makes your site available to all the linked pages. Amazing, right?

Wikipedia links for SEO strategies

Wikipedia is considered to be an ideal tool for SEO strategies in terms of keyword strategy, content ideas, building website trust, and authority, etc.

Here are a few examples of how it is effective for SEO:

Wikipedia for On-Page SEO:

Wikipedia already has many relevant keywords ranked that can match with your article/content. You can also do keyword research and planning with Wikipedia. Also, you can recreate dead links and citations on it. Not just that, but it is the best way of attaching your page on the authentic reference pages!

Wikipedia for Off-Page SEO:

Wikipedia works as the best source for referral traffic. You can grab broken links and citation links and recreate them to work for you. Also, you can use the URLs in the citations to be used for your articles.

Wikipedia links are a source of link juice, referral traffic, citation links, and URLs that can be used as references in your articles. Hence, these links work best when you know how to make full use of them. It is better to work with the renowned companies that can help you bring the best Wikipedia sources of link building that can make you rank higher in the search engines.