Creating a beauty e-commerce website is a good source of income. There’s a saying that no man is an island, and the same is true for businesses and companies. Finding reliable partners like Asian Beauty Wholesale can make your beauty e-commerce website, so it’s essential to know how to deal with partners. Choosing the wrong ones could end up doing more harm than good.

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Here are the ways on how to deal with beauty e-commerce website partners:

1. Search for the right partner

Every company or brand has an identity, and with the new trend of coselling, it’s essential. Check the reputation of your potential partner and see if it is a match to your own brand’s virtues, beliefs, and culture. When dealing with influencers, you need to do a background check to see if the person’s values are aligned with yours.

For example, your beauty ecommerce brand sells perfumes, connect with partners that are known and respected perfume manufacturers or those businesses that are fragrance-friendly and environmentally-conscious.

Here are some ideas on the kind of partners you need for your e-commerce website:

  • Influencers or celebrities to introduce your products to their followers and fans.
  • Freight or delivery companies to have perks and privileges for your deliveries.
  • Beauty companies that are within your chosen niche.
  • Media companies that can promote your brand and its partners.
  • App creators that can advertise your e-commerce business.
  • E-commerce websites with complementary services and products.

2. Start a conversation

Once you’ve found suitable partner candidates, you can talk to them about the kind of ideas you have. Reach out to your prospects so that they will know your intentions. Create a proposal in a way that benefits both of your companies and businesses. Talk to them professionally and clearly so that they know what kind of partner you will be in the future.

Here are some ways to initiate a conversation:

  • Find the business website and e-mail address
  • Talk to possible partners on their social media fan pages
  • If you happen to reside in the same area as their company, set up a physical meeting with their marketing department or someone who’s in charge of partnerships.

3. Propose possible partnership ideas

Develop and propose campaigns that you can do with your partner. You can be creative with your ideas so that they will turn to you instead of looking for another partner.

Here are possible co-marketing campaigns you can use with your partner:

  • Joint PR efforts – regardless of size, every e-commerce website needs press exposure. You can approach media companies and talk more about your partnership.
  • Joint giveaways and contests – an excellent way to get e-mail addresses for a marketing campaign would be to have a contest or giveaway that requires a person to put his or her e-mail address.
  • Cross-promotions – feature your partners and their products in your e-mail campaigns and newsletters along with yours
  • Shoutouts in social media – you can share their content on your page, or they can share your content on theirs. Let your followers know about your partnership so you can also drive traffic to their site.
  • Packaging inserts – insert your partner’s coupons and promotions on your products. If you sell sets of a specific product, you can add a sample of your partner’s products.
  • Collaborations – if your beauty e-commerce company is collaborating with a big brand, you can do a product collaboration.
  • Co-sponsorship – sponsor an event together.

4. Optimize

Optimization is a way of making sure that you are not wasting money and effort on useless partnerships and campaigns. Make sure that you optimize all your efforts so that each cent is well accounted for. Maximize the conversion rates and sales from each campaign with partnership optimization techniques.

Here are optimization techniques you can try:

  • Schedule your partnership campaigns during peak shopping periods.
  • Whenever you’re trying a marketing campaign, make sure that you check the responses and conversion rates.
  • Announce all partnership updates in social media.


Having a partner is an integral part of your beauty e-commerce website, so it’s vital that you maintain good relationships with all of your affiliates. It’s crucial to take importance in the quality of your products, services, and partnerships. A high-quality partner can bring in a lot of high-quality clients, customers, and consumers, so make sure that you choose the right kinds of partners.