We have found solitude during this quarantine to make us feel like going outside and traveling. We keep watching the videos for Spring in California, from Nature Relaxation, while working on two browser screens. Listening to the sound of the Pacific and the birds, does make our day!


Perfect for staying calm and relaxed while under mandated self-quarantine, they can be played as a tool for instant relief during panic attacks or stressful times, or left on in the background to create a more serene environment while at home.


Nature Relaxation™ On-Demand is a premium streaming video service & suite of apps offered directly from producer David Huting, which offers subscribers instant unlimited access to an expansive library of 500+ hours of incredible nature films shot in 4K Ultra High Definition & 1080p HD.


You too should try it and you will experience a more relaxed and positive mood, and your travel bug will be somewhat satisfied by embarking on a virtual vacation with Nature Relaxation.

They have dozens of videos from relaxing on a beach or swimming with turtles in Hawaii, to viewing the Northern Lights or hiking up Mount Everest, the library has something for all everyone!