As a web developer, if you believe the only expertise you need is to be well-versed in programming, you are mistaken.

If you’re a business owner or work as an entrepreneur, understanding digital marketing concepts and being well-versed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is doubly important. Fortunately, agencies like Bulldog Digital Media can help you with your SEO, taking a lot of the strain off. However, here’s why your web developer must understand SEO.

The role of SEO and why marketers are using it

1. You can work on your own:

When a customer presents you with a website specification, you don’t know how to develop an element using code, but you also have little understanding of the proper locations for it. You will not be able to work alone on this project. You’ll have to pay someone else to help you design the site, and this will take time away from your optimization efforts. This also implies that you’ll need to hire someone else to assist you with the layout of the website, which is a waste of time.

2. Makes You an All-Rounder:

Understanding all of the digital marketing concepts will assist you to branch out into new areas of digital marketing as a web designer wanting to start a business. You may also start offering different services over time or hire any of the web design companies. You don’t have to accomplish everything yourself, but you should hire some people to assist you. However, as the owner of the business, it is helpful if you grasp these ideas so that you can assist your employees in a more effective way.

3. Helps You Design an Updated Website:

Automate Your Blogging Efforts: Automate Your Blogging Efforts and Focus on What You Enjoy! A digital marketer is up to date on the most recent SEO advancements, so you’ll have an edge over competitors who haven’t kept pace with the latest developments.

4. Helps You Understand User Feedback:

A digital marketer understands how to keep track of analytics. This enables you to continuously assess the performance of your design and identify areas for improvement. Analytics may be used to track the performance of each webpage. As a result, if you find that a landing page’s bounce rate is greater than others, make some adjustments and check back later. You can also find out if your Call-to-Action (CTA) is effective, which will assist you to determine whether you’ve positioned it correctly. You may use analytics to analyze user behaviour and their site visit path, which can aid in determining the page where people typically abandon the site.

5. You Can Do A/B Testing:

A web developer understands the necessity of testing a website. The use of analytics can assist in this endeavour. A digital marketer understands how to apply analytics data in a way that is effective. You may customize aspects of the site and compare Before and After versions to demonstrate which user-defined design elements are preferred.

The Bottom Line:

Understanding various programming languages does not make you a web developer. When you combine coding and optimization, that is when you are “web development.” Although getting different certifications from different best website development online courses may help you land a job as a website developer, learning an additional skill such as SEO can be used as your leverage towards other candidates.

Not understanding SEO limits your ability to work on your own, on the design of the website, and on gathering user feedback. This also implies that you’ll need to hire someone else to assist you with the layout of the website, which is a waste of time. Understanding Search Engine Optimization enables web developers to do all these things in an efficient manner.