The Top Best Selling Fashion Magazines in Dubai

The Top Best Selling Fashion Magazines in Dubai

Brainwave, creative thoughts, motivation and some other fascinating thoughts combined with hard work actually go into making the true essence of fashion and lifestyle. Fashion is basically the language which speaks the story of a person aloud about what she wears. People with higher position and wealth, editors and writers of fashion magazines and buyers of major fashion stores are all part of Haute Couture and this is the forte of all top selling Fashion Magazines in Dubai. If you are also a fashion enthusiast who wants to stay updated about the fashion industry in Dubai, then reading this latest edition of fashion magazines about Dubai Fashion would help you a lot. So, let us know some of the top selling and best fashion magazines that are worth considering in Dubai.

La Moda Dubai

There are magazines which only provide you details about fashion, while others offer you infotainments. But this is not the case with La Moda Dubai as it covers both fashion and infotainments. This is the only fashion magazine in Dubai which not only provides you the details of latest trends and guides for fashion, but also it provides you latest information and details about your favourite idols and celebrities.

The Top Best Selling Fashion Magazines in Dubai

Style N Dubai

People who are serious about style and fashion and want to stay ahead in fashion must consider reading Style N Dubai fashion magazine. This magazine covers all the information that you want to know about the fashion world of Dubai. The magazine features some of the wonderful fashion finder and it makes easier for you to find all the things to promote stylish lifestyle.

L’Officiel Magazine

The fashion hub of the world, Paris is the destination that everyone dreams to visit to know more about latest trends and fashion. Now you don’t have to go to Paris to stay updated about fashion as L’Officiel Magazine brings Paris fashion at your home. It provides you with everything about fashion, lifestyle, art, and also celebs news. The magazine is available in Arabic language title and it is the latest trend setter both for international and local fashion.

The Top Best Selling Fashion Magazines in Dubai

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan is one of the best selling Fashion Magazines in Dubai and also across the world. This is the only magazine in Dubai which gives ample opportunities to the women in Dubai to get encouraged by the Middle East Edition of the magazine. Apart from fashion news, it also offer several fashion guides, information and more and this magazine will definitely pull out the persona and exoticism of fashion in Middle East indeed.

Dubai Madame

If you are thinking about fashion in Paris and France and want to stay updated about the latest trend in these fashion destinations, then reading the Dubai Madame Fashion magazine would satisfy your need. Dubai Madame is the fashion magazine that brings to you the fashion from Parish and France. It is titled in France, the fashion magazine is dedicated for those who can’t afford to miss anything regarding latest fashion and trends.

Exotic Magazine

Dubai is the most exotic destination known for its unique hospitality and lifestyle. With Exotic Magazine you can easily locate what latest trends are going on in the country and also lifestyle of different emirates in this region. Exotic is basically the fashion magazine that allows you to explore the art, fashion, lifestyle of this region and also you get chance to explore the exoticism of Middle East with this magazine.

These were some of the top and best selling Fashion Magazines in Dubai which you may consider reading if you are really concerned about the fashion and lifestyle.


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