SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. The people who wish to get promoted online use this strategy to stay on the top of the search list provided to people who search for queries on their search engines.

If the queries are related to your content your content will be there on the list. But it is not very easy to get your content there. Search engine optimization has different steps which include easier ones and tougher ones that can get your content to the top.

As we are here to discuss beginners we will start with the detailing of the simpler and easier parts of SEO. You can find more information at Blogging Lizzard.

SEO Learning

1. The first and foremost part is searching for keywords.Keywords are sometimes very simple to understand and sometimes they are harder. There is multiple software available on which you can search the most relatable keywords related to your content.

Keywords are the words that people most frequently use. As an example, someone puts a query “How to make tea?” and your content is related to tea, then you have to add the most suitable keywords to your content so that it appears on the top of the search engine list.

2. Using the proper keywords and putting the most relevant content on your site will bring your site to Google recognization which is called On-site Optimization. On-site optimization ensures that your site or content is a part of the Google index and it is in the proper category.

3. This part is also very easy. This includes the content available in multiple places. Social media and advertisements are the best sources of promotion for you. Through these, you can conveniently step on the top of the list.

This helps you in two diverse ways, firstly, it would build value for your content as there would be more and more information available for your content on the internet. Secondly, it will provide different people with different data.

For example, some people like reading and will go for blogs, some prefer visuals and will go for the pictures and videos. In both ways, you can easily promote all your content or products.

Now we will discuss further the crucial parts of SEO which the beginners need to know. These are being called harsh because not every other person has proper programming knowledge or no other person has the whole knowledge of search engine optimization.

SEO Learning

4. Internal linking is something not every individual is fond of hence, it is difficult to do. Internal linking is the provision of your website’s to a third party website which has a similar content like yours or has a goal of promotion. This is hard because reaching website owners and asking them to provide your links is not as easy as it sounds.

5. This is the most difficult of all the steps but after gaining the proper knowledge of web designing you can get access to this one easily too. Technical Search Engine Optimization works on the base of your website.

It includes the making of the backend structure of the site visible to the web crawlers which are searching for the query done on the search engine. This also includes specific codes and databases that kind of highlight your website and so it appears on the top of the list of a search engine.


Search engine optimization is hard for the beginners but once they start moving with the flow and go deep in the details they start mastering the search engine optimization and easily promote their content. You can check easy ranking and SEO tips at Scott Keever.

We have tried our best to provide you with a guide to make it easier for you to gain knowledge of search engine optimization but you will have to do more research.

Search engine optimization will not be as hard as it sounds like once you dive in the ocean. You can simply swim to the depths and figure out what the treasure is.

We hope our guide will help you get a better understanding of SEO!