Instagram happens to be the biggest thing to promote fashion as well as increase the organic traffic in the site. Therefore, if you are into the online fashion business, then you should seriously be on Instagram.

The primary reason being that this is an essential photo sharing platform where pictures speak about the product with no long texts, paragraphs quotes to consume and decipher.

Like and followings are instantaneous as picture make the first impression faster than words no matter how simple or bombastically Shakespearian it is.

InstagramMoreover, over 800 million active users worldwide, this social network is the hottest and most useful place to be for all types of business owners who are looking to promote their business in a big and faster way.

Searching on the internet, you will come across several articles, blogs and statistics that will prove that Instagram has the power not only to increase your reach but also to your businesses grow, increase customer engagement, and generate more conversions and sales consequently.

Some useful features

It is the useful and innovative features that have made Instagram so popular. This visual social platform:

  • Allows its users to edit photos and improve its appearance using a host of visual effects
  • It allows to incorporate personal touches and to be creative to make the pictures somewhat special and
  • With links and captions input it facilitates in garnering more likes and increase engagement rate.
  • Some users able to save videos and use them as well.

Of all, the two most popular ways to use Instagram to increase traffic and engagement is by using dedicated hashtags and through photo contests respectively.

The reasons businesses especially the fashion industry should take Instagram seriously are to showcase their products like no other as this is the perfect visual marketing platform.

  • Apart from that, it is easy to find a targeted audience when you have a magnanimous audience of more than 300 million active users on this specific social network.
  • Plus, it will help you to generate high-quality leads and ensure that you have a maximum conversion.

All these are very helpful to increase the number of Instagram followers and convert them into potential buyers.

Increasing the traffic

Almost all big fashion brands are using Instagram to increase traffic to their site and the working process is pretty simple.

  • The primary idea is to encourage the Instagram followers to click at the pictures of the products they have purchased soon after it is complete and post the same on their Instagram account by using the specific hashtag created by the brand.
  • This brilliant strategy provides the customers with an opportunity to fulfill their wish that their pictures featured on the website and brand page whenever the hashtag is used. This helps in exposing the brand and the product of the company to their followers and vice versa.
  • Apart from that, it provides the company with an opening to approach the customer to reuse their pictures, of course with their permission and only if the pictures match with the image of the brand and message the company wants to convey.

It also allows the company to start a photo contest that will encourage more Instagram followers to visit the site of the company clicking at the dedicated links.

These photo contests are typically based on different themes inspired by the company’s idea of business and product promotion.

Rules to follow

There are a specific set of rules for the Instagram photo contests to follow. These photo contests provide excellent results in generating more traffic and the response to such challenges is overwhelming.

These contests are primarily organized with the intent to find out better user created contents that the company can use for promotion purposes. Only relevant pictures that create a high rate of engagement are selected.

  • According to the rule, the contestants must consider and follow all the legal implications in it.
  • They must get the permission of the photographer or the user.

With the permission, they can use it different ways for marketing such as in landing pages, in newsletters, in email marketing, in thank-you notes, and even in the specific section of their website.

When a photographer loves a specific brand and shares the featured pictures with their friends and relatives across different platforms on their social media accounts as well as offline, it gives the brand a chance to increase brand engagement substantially with every mention and every share.

In the end, it increases the reach of the brand to new Instagram followers whose persona, profile and liking match with the highly engaged customers.

If you follow the study reports you will see that all signifies the success of Instagram and shows how people tend to rely on the user created contents more than brand created contents. UGCs usually create more sales and generate more revenue than a brand created content.

Therefore, if you want to increase the flow of traffic towards your fashion website you must give proper value to the user created contents. It will help you with a great deal to drive more likes and followers for your Instagram account taking it completely to the next higher level.

Using Instagram effectively

To use Instagram effectively to must make sure that your post is not lost the midst of millions of Instagram accounts and profiles.  For this you will have to:

  • First create a username and bio which will represent your business, brand, product and what you do. An attractive bio creation is essential to ensure that you are easily found amongst such a huge number of profile searches in Instagram.
  • Next, add a great profile picture. This must be incredibly alluring and reviewing. When you select a picture to keep in mind your target audience. Also, make sure that the picture you post resonates with the image the followers will like so that you make the best first impression on the prospective customers.
  • Add the website URL in your bio because Instagram does not allow adding an active hyperlink in any other place than this in your Instagram profile.
  • Start gaining followers by yourself or using special services as Nitreo.

Finally, set your profile to the public instead of private to ensure maximum conversion.