The Arab region is composed of 23 countries and has more than 400 million people, this region is one of the regions in the world that has not witnessed a significant phase in electronic commerce.

But in recent years, we witnessed the emergence of many electronic stores, especially in the Gulf region such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates  Qatar Kuwait Bahrain Oman as well as in Egypt.

Arab countries are from developing countries, and the Gulf states have the largest oil reserves in the world.

In this post we will present to you the largest Arab electronic stores: Store


This store debuted in 2005 in the UAE. It achieved a great development since then. It is the largest store in the Arab region, with more than 400,000 products.

The website was founded in 2005  by co-founders Ronaldo Mouchawar and Samih Toukan. It was initially an auction site linked to internet portal Maktoob.

In 2011 after Asif Keshodia joined as the Group CFO, changed its model to an online shopping site similar to with a marketplace and retail items for sale on its platform.

In 2017, became an official affiliate of the Amazon store. The big deal was amounted to one billion dollars. The store is located in three major Arab countries which are:

The United Arab Emirates: Nine million people , This country is one of the largest countries in the world in per capita income, The year 2018 was $ 44,000 per capita.

Egypt: One hundred million people ،It is the most populous Arab country

Saudi: 30 million people، It is the most populous country in the Gulf Arab region after Iraq

The most important products that Souq offers are the following:

Smart phones: including many brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei… etc

Perfumes: the store offers famous brands of perfumes with the best price in the market, brands such as Givenchy, Lacoste, Chanel, Dior, Adidas…etc and many Oud brands as well.

Watches: You can find all brands of watches with very low prices, brands like Casio, Michael Kors, Lacoste, Fossil, Daniel Wellington, Tommy Hilfiger…etc are a real deal.

Clothes and shoes: different brands and many varieties of clothes and shoes are available, sneakers like Adidas and Nike are very cheap.

Bags: One thing Souq offers better than any other website is handbags, especially the branded ones as Guess, Michael Kors, Lacoste, Uggs

Noon store


This website came to light in 2016 and simply became the best website in UAE. It is an investment of the Emirati and Saudi government, about 1 billion dollars were invested in this huge project.

It is the number one concurrent of store, it offers many amazing services and products, one amazing service is the fact that it offers free shipping on all its products even those that can cost you 1 dirham.

The store is available in many countries including: Egypt, Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The store contains all products in all tastes of classic and modern, and also helps you save a lot of money when you buy from the site, because it offers discounts and special offers.

Among the most important products Noon store offers we find:

Smart phones: it is considered the best store of United Arab Emirates offering the best prices ever of smart phones especially iPhones and Samsung.

Smart Watches: you can find many brands of smart watches in this store with competitive prices.The store often offers discounts and vouchers, more than any other web store.

Clothing: Noon offers many international brands such as Adidas, Nike and many others.

Electronics: The store offers many different electronic devices such as PlayStation, TVs and laptops

Amazon store is the ex store in United Arab Emirates, it is only available in UAE.

This website as we all know is the best online store ever, it offers every product you can think of, with the best prices on the market, all around the World.

The products from this website are whether available in UAE already or will be delivered to you straight from the United States.

So the variety of the products is the biggest feature of this store.

You can find:

Smart phones: all brands of phones available on the market with competitive prices.

Laptops and smart watches: Best laptops with great prices

Fashion:  You can find all brands of clothes, watches and bags.

Furniture: shopping for furniture can’t be easier, you can pick up any piece you want among thousands of products and have delivered straight to your door.

These online stores are offered Big discounts in November each year

It coincides with Black Friday offers.

Souq Shop: White Friday Last Friday for November Every year

Non shop:  Yellow Friday Last Friday for November Every year

Al Mowafir


Almowafir coupons is one of the greatest websites providing coupons in the Arab region, it gathers all these great online stores in one place and offers vouchers and many exclusive discounts only Al Mowafir has. All you have to do is visit this website, check the vouchers and coupons it has, go to theses 3 websites and use the coupons to buy anything you want with discount you’ve never dreamt of.

The reductions can be availed by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the site almowafir ٫ through the Google search engine ٫Type the words “almowafir”

Step 2: Find the store where you want to shop, For example a souq store in the search box in the site Type “ souq”

Step 3: Click on “Get Offer” .

It saves you huge amount of money. So give it a try and visit it.