A large portion of people thinks that for making an online presence you just need to have a good website. But that’s not completely true, choosing a good web host is equally important as making a good website is.

There are lots of hosting options available in the market and VPS (virtual private server) hosting is one out of them. It is a very popular form of hosting and is considered best for expanding your business. There are a lot more benefits that are associated with the use of a virtual server. But before discussing them, you need to be fully aware of what VPS hosting really is.

What is VPS hosting?

It is a kind of hosting in which a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers through the virtualization technique. All these virtual servers have their own dedicated resources i.e. storage, bandwidth, RAM, etc.

The average pricing of this kind of hosting normally varies between $5 to $20. But there are many platforms too, offering VPS $1 per month.

5 major benefits that virtual server hosting provides

There are lots of benefits that one can enjoy by opting for a virtual server. These benefits not only improve your website’s performance but can also directly impact your business. These benefits are:

Control the server the way you want

As you are supplied with a dedicated space over a server, it provides you more flexibility.

You can configure the server as per your requirements and can also install the desired OS on the server. You are also allowed to handle the technical issue of the server.

In case, if you are incapable of handling the technical aspects then you can choose the managed VPS hosting plans which are provided by the ssd-powered vps hosting to makes things easier.

Reliable and helps in achieving desired goals

The most common issues that users usually face with shared hosting is slow page loads or security threats. This can increase your bounce rate which can impact your business.

But in VPS hosting you are provided with dedicated resources that mean you can avoid such kinds of situations. This can help you in accomplishing your desired goals.

Better Security and Protection

In shared hosting, thousands of websites are hosted on a server. That means malfunctioning of one website can impact the performance of all the other sites hosted on that server.

But you can avoid this kind of situation by choosing a virtual server for your website. It provides a dedicated space to users so that other websites don’t impact the performance of your website. For better protection, you can also install antiviruses and firewalls on your server.

Opportunity to scale your business


VPS can be a potential hosting choice if you are looking forward to scaling your business. It provides dedicated resources like storage and bandwidth which are missing in shared hosting. This can help you in handling more traffic and scaling your site to a great level.

Pocket friendly

For performing better, a business usually requires dedicated resources. But this is not possible with shared hosting and owning a whole server involves a large cost.

However, VPS hosting can help you in tackling this problem. The major benefit associated with VPS hosting is that it not only provides dedicated resources but is also cost-efficient in comparison to owning a dedicated server.

So, these are the major advantages that are associated with the use of a VPS server with Spectrum gold package.

When do you need to switch to VPS hosting?

Many users remain confused that whether they need VPS hosting for their website or not. According to us, if you are facing any of the below-mentioned issues then it’s the right time to switch your hosting plan to VPS:

● If you are currently at a shared server and are planning to expand your business.

● Your shared hosting plan is incapable of handling traffic of your website.

If you are facing any of these issues, then it is really important for you to switch to a virtual private server. However, if you are just a beginner then it is always recommended to start with a shared plan.