If there is one thing that technology is known for it is the fact it is ever-changing, evolving, and pushing the envelope where ideas and possibilities are concerned. One of the latest examples is the new electric 3D printing concept from researcher Adrian Bowyer that could completely transform everything people know and understand about 3D printing.

Of course, for those who follow all things 3D printing-wise, Bowyer is already a recognized name as he was one of the main forces during the RepRap initiative. This initiative was pushing for open source designs for the world’s first affordable desktop 3D printers and best budget 3D printer UK. This is what helped to make the technology more mainstream, and also shape its path.

So what is this new electric 3D printing concept that Bowyer is developing and how will it transform the industry? Let’s take a closer look.

Bringing Existing Ideas and Concepts Together

While this revolution of the 3D printer may seem all-new, in reality, it’s a combination of existing ideas and concepts that Bowyer is using in a different way in order to produce new results. Bowyer has used three existing 3D printing developments in order to create a rather unique printing process. The whole idea is that eventually, you would be able to print items almost instantly, no matter the material.

Is Electric 3D Printing the Way of the Future – Taking a Look at this Bold New Concept

When you start to think about the possibilities and doors that can open, the concept becomes rather exciting.

And it’s not just the instant printing abilities; it’s the fact the machine wouldn’t even have any moving parts. That’s right: imagine a 3D printer that has no moving parts; the concept is hard to even understand.

The Right Blend of Developments

As for the developments Bowyer is using, he’s combining electro-polymerization, electric 3D scanning technique, and reverse CT-scan 3D printing. Each of these developments carries its own merits and benefits, but it is Bowyer who has stepped outside of the box and is figuring out the way to bring them together and work as a cohesive process.

Making Mass Printing a Possibility

One of the biggest benefits of being able to have near-instant, if not instant 3D printing capabilities, is the fact it can allow for mass printing. This means it’s no longer just one-off projects and items people and companies can print, rather, it starts to tear down the limitations that exist today.

One of the biggest problems with 3D printing today, outside of cost, is the incredibly long time it takes just to print one item. Take that problem out of the equation and suddenly 3D printing can be used in so many new and exciting ways.

Leading the Way Where 3D Printing is Concerned

So for those who may have thought that 3D printing was just a fad and wouldn’t catch on for mainstream purposes, it’s time to start looking at it more closely and a whole lot more seriously. Watch for Bowyer to continue to be a huge driver in this industry.