Hasbro’s golden egg “Transformers” are soon to become a major live entertainment attraction in China next year.

A newly-built theater seating 4,500 will host a live show combining live Transformers, aerial stunts and extreme special effects.

The attraction is the first to be developed by DMG Live, the new live entertainment arm of DMG Entertainment, which is headed by millionaire Dan Mintz. It follows a deal between DMG and Hasbro for the rights of the franchise. DMG, Hasbro and S2BN jointly announced the plans Tuesday afternoon at a lavish launch ceremony at Beijing’s Shangri-la Hotel, complete with hundreds of local press, VIPs and a huge Optimus Prime robot in attendance.

The semi-permanent venue for ‘Transformers Live’ is expected to be located near Beijing, though DMG Live is still considering options in other ‘tier 1’ cities, usually taken to mean Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

’Transformers Live’ will be a cross between an action-adventure spectacle, a theme park attraction and a theatrical show. Fans will experience intense action, beautiful visual moments, an emotionally engaging story, lots of humor and rousing music,” said Cohl, who has won multiple Tony-, and Emmy-awards. “The [‘Transformers Live’] show will offer a fusion of proprietary technologies including robotics and advanced projection capabilities along with amazing aerial and acrobatic sequences.

Transformers Ride at Universal Studios, USA

Everyone knows there is a Live Transformers ride at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and Orlando. We personally took the ride at Universal Studios and it was cool but this news is AWESOME!