Everyone likes to think they are organized in life, and many people are, but the vast majority of hopeful organizers tend to find themself lost in their plans. I for one believe I am an organized person because I have to be in certain situations like work, but that doesn’t cast out to the rest of my lifestyle and this is the case for a large number of people. Whilst we can get up every day and go to our place of work, usually because it’s a set time every day, we can’t seem to get ourselves sorted for anything else. Doctor’s appointments, meeting with friends, running certain errands, they all require punctuality and it’s ok if we need a bit of help, here are some modern techs to help you monitor your daily schedule.


Let’s start off really simple, a good old fashion calendar. These can be the simplest and yet most effective way of keeping track of your schedule and the best thing about it, they’re available for next to nothing. If you’re not fussed about having a high gloss, fancy calendar with a picture of your favorite celebrity at the top then there are plenty of options to reduce the cost. Downloading blank calendars available to print is the quickest and easiest way to start organizing your schedule. You can visit this site for more information regarding the number of options available to you. Having a blank calendar you can fill in with all your important dates will help you take the first step into becoming a far more organized person, it will also help you remember all those birthdays you forget every year! The only thing to remember in the morning is to check your calendar to see what’s happening.

To-Do List

If you’re someone that really struggles with remembering everything that requires completion in a day then having a tool such as a to-do list will be invaluable. There are many apps available on your smartphone or your computer that will allow you to input every task that needs completing, most of the time these will come with an easy to read layout and a checkbox to the right of your task, meaning you can tick it off once it’s done. Not only does this give a clear indication of everything you have done and everything that still needs completing, but it also gives a sense of fulfillment. Being able to see everything you have completed in a day can make you feel like it’s been worthwhile, a sense of achievement will breed productivity within yourself making the following days that little bit easier.


Gone are the days where we have to constantly check the time ensuring we aren’t late for a meeting or forgetting something we have to do. Now we have access to applications that will send us an alert every time we are required to do so. This does mean that you will have to spend a little bit of time inputting everything into the software but after that, all you have to do is get on with your task at hand. If you have a smartwatch then you can program it to remind you from there making your daily tasks even easier, no longer do you have to waste time checking a written diary, looking at the time, and deciding when you need to leave. There’s more time to spend concentrating on whatever you’re doing, this can only improve productivity.


Shared Information

This is one of the best things to come from modern tech in regards to schedules, the ability to share your calendar with other people. Not only is this is hugely beneficial in the workplace, but also at home with your family. At work, it’s made it easier for companies to schedule meetings, become more efficient, and have a better ability to communicate. At home, it’s made it much easier to see what everyone else is doing and who knows, maybe even saved a few arguments.

There’s no other way about it, modern tech is helping us beyond what we believed was possible, even down to the simplest of things. Having the ability to organize our entire life from the ease of our smartphone is hugely beneficial and breeds productivity, companies and people within a business are able to do more than they ever have before, and home lives have become far less stressful. Even the ease of being able to print out calendars has helped an enormous amount of people keep track of their daily schedules. If you’re someone that struggles with staying organized then don’t worry, you aren’t alone, and luckily for you, there are plenty of things out there to help. It all starts with you.