Slimline Switches – Smooth As Silk But Bold As Brass

Slimline Switch

It is the era of modernism and innovation, and when it comes to home electrical appliances and accessories, we Australian always prefer minimal designs.

A sleek style like Slimline switch needs a wide selection of colors and finishes and you will not be disappointed in this respect. Slimline comes in a variety of designer colours and metal finishes that match every decor.

AGM Electrical Supplies—A Popular Electrical Wholesaler In Australia

AGM Electrical Supplies is a family-owned Australian wholesaler based in Sydney, dedicated to delivering the best possible price and service to medium and small electrical contracting firms. Their aim is to provide a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional electric wholesalers.

Retail customers can now also get a fair go, due to popular demand. The arrival of the big hardware companies has helped to spark the downfall of local hardware stores and now it’s getting harder and harder for consumers to buy quality electrical, lighting and hardware goods at a reasonable price.

Features Of Slimline Switches At AGM

The features of slimline switches at AGM include but are not limited to:
■ Complete with wall plate & switching mechanism
■ Can be mounted vertically or horizontally (just change the direction of the switching mechanism)
■ Complies with Australian standards and can be sold & used across Australia (RCM N5667)
■ Very elegant and modern design, ideal for your home or office
■ Plate size is approximately 73 mm wide, 118 mm high
■ Mounting center approximately 84 mm-Base projection

The grid design of the slimline switch makes deployment super easy. The key is in the grid slots which are specially designed. They allow a slight distortion of the grid assembly, while keeping the cover plate against the wall neat and flat. Slimline grid assemblies come with a unique flex grid design. This proprietary system allows the flush plate to adapt the mounting surface to unevenness, guaranteeing a perfectly flat finish.

Slimline Switches

Buy Top Quality Slimline Switches From AGM Electrical

The team of professional at AGM delivers supreme service. At AGM the prices are incredibly low. They built a very stable purchase environment. American Express and Paypal are their billing partner. When you pay by credit card these companies handle your details on their servers. With 128bit SSL everything is secured. They don’t see the name or credit card numbers-only the order results. Whether you want to debit directly, the items will be delivered after funds have been paid into their account. You can also read reasons to Buy AGM Electrical Supplies.

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