Intelligent homes that are able to communicate with us and takes care of everyday, tedious matters, have so far appeared only in science-fiction films and novels.

Thanks to the development of technology, more and more devices which used to be considered futuristic have become a reality. This shows how much progress has been made in the past few decades. A good example is the Internet, which many of us wouldn’t be able to function without today, even though has been with us for only just over 20 years. More technological innovations appear every year and one of the recent buzzwords on the market is “smart homes”. What are they and why do they seem so special?

Modern technologies at our service

Today’s technological development is unstoppable, which is why it was only a matter of time before smart devices began to appear in our homes. A smart home is a building that is packed with devices which make everyday life easier. Smart homes are slowly becoming a standard, so it’s good to know what devices can be installed in such an intelligent home. Security is the most important priority for everyone, which is why so many technological solutions are created to provide smart homes with the highest level of protection. One of the basic devices we find in smart homes is a modern intercom system which is connected to an answering unit. Thanks to this, you can easily keep an eye on the entrance, and when someone rings the video door bell, you can communicate with him or her from anywhere at home. What’s more, thanks to answering units, it is possible to open the door remotely.

2N Access Unit 2.0 access control units

What to consider when choosing devices for your smart home

The most important factor when choosing devices for your smart home is the manufacturer. 2N has had a strong position on the market for many years, which is why 2N products are an excellent choice when it comes to selecting equipment for a modern and intelligent home. Intercoms from 2N are characterized by the highest quality, as well as excellent parameters, which is why their popularity is growing every year. The brand is also known for its answering units, which are intuitive and based on Android.