When it comes to word processing, Microsoft Word is on a totally different level. As a part of work productivity, more than a billion users use Microsoft Word daily. If the facts are true, that means nearly one out of every severe person you meet every day uses the World to enhance their work productivity when they Master MS Office functions.

Even though so many consumers use Word for their daily uses, only a handful of the users can bring out the program’s full capabilities. Most people use the Word program to just write data. However, it can do more than that.

For instance, you can:

  • Creates documents.
  • Make reports.
  • Text file easier.
  • Visually represent the project in the form of a graph.

Seeing how only a limited number of people are aware of these facets of the Word program. So, we decided to create an article to educate our readers and show the true capability of Microsoft Word.

Tips To Help You Master Microsoft Word Office

Most people think that they know MS Word’s ins and outs and take its ease of use for granted. But only a small percentage of users can actually bring out the full capacity of the program.

While looking for the insecure corners of the MS Word program, we came across a platform called Aventis that offers full-scale learning about MS word. Aventis Learning offers a hands-on Microsoft Office course and helps you get the first-hand experience to the full potential of MS Word.

Master MS Office Word

Here are a few things that you would learn on the Aventis platform.

1. Use CTRL To Select The Entire Sentence

Editing multiple lines in a distinctive area can sometimes be challenging if you are not aware of the right shortcut to use. For instance, holding the Control button and double-clicking the word will highlight the whole sentence. This shortcut lets you edit the whole sentence at once.

2. Signing Your Name On Any Documents

While creating an official document, your signature is important to authenticate it. Fortunately, you can even do that by using MS Word.

  • Open the document.
  • Click Insert.
  • Navigate to the lines.
  • Select the line with scribble lines.
  • Now your cursor will turn into a pen; use it to sign your document.

3. Encrypting Your Documents

If you are creating a report for the office, you must encrypt them from unauthorized users. You can do that by using the encryption feature of Word.

  • Click File.
  • Navigate to Protect documents > Encrypt with Password.
  • Now every time you open the report of a document, you would be asked for the password.

4. Using Dictation Tool To Type Speaking

Are you tired of typing in your report? Or feeling lazy at the moment, why not use the dictation tool in Word to type your reports for you. Dictation tools listen to your audio and type them into the text format.

5. Using Smart Search

Most people use words, and when they come across a new word that they are not aware of, they simply use the web browser to find the meaning of the word or phrase. However, if you know the smart search feature, you do not have to go through such a meticulous process. Instead, you can simply select the word or phrase and search it on the search engines using the smart search.

6. Double Click To Write Anywhere In the Word

If you want to write something on a specific part of the page, you don’t have to mass-click the spacebar button. Instead, you simply need to double-click the area where you want your sentence or text to be incorporated. This shortcut allows you to jot down quick notes without any hassle.

7.  Converting PDFs To Editable Word Documents

Have you ever noticed that every PDF formatted file is easily accessible using Word? This is because Word automatically converts the PDF files into Word format. This allows you to use the document as a local document and the freedom to make any changes.



No matter what level of proficiency you had before reading this article, we can assure you that you Master MS Office proficiency will increase using the tips mentioned in this article. If you are curious about more tips and tricks, contact us to know more.