The keto diet is getting popular by the day and coffee is one drink you can still have in your diet. However, you need to prepare your coffee by ensuring that it is still low in carbs and fits the keto diet plan. The keto diet may be strict but you can still have your daily dose of caffeine. While on a diet or working out, there are many benefits you get from taking coffee. The caffeine in coffee has nutrients and antioxidants but gives you more energy to go about your everyday life. Also, according to research, coffee and caffeine help in the breakdown of body fats, and this is helpful while on a keto diet. Below are ways you can prepare your coffee to fit your keto diet.


Use a keto creamer

Are you on the keto diet and you want to achieve the best results? You must give up milk as it has lactose in it, which is sugar. Instead, use a keto-friendly super coffee creamer from drinksupercoffee if you do not prefer taking your coffee plain. Not only are keto-friendly creamers the coconut milk or almond milk-based the best, but you can use almond milk or heavy cream.

As a result, as you continue with the keto diet, you are sure you are following through with what they need. Check the type of creamer you are using to ensure it does not have any ingredients that affect your diet.

Drink black coffee


Plain or black coffee is ideal for those on the keto diet. Drinking it this way ensures that you get all the coffee benefits with no added cream or sugar. This is one of the healthiest ways to drink your coffee as it has the least amount of calories and will not increase your blood sugar level.

Elevate your black coffee by drinking instant coffee with 100% organic coffee beans to get a delicious but easy caffeine fix.

Use non-sugar sweeteners

Starting on a new diet can be a challenge to follow through completely. Therefore, if you are having trouble cutting out sugar completely from your diet, there are sugar alternatives that you can use to sweeten your coffee. To feed your sweet tooth with no sugar in your coffee, try out non-sugar sweeteners and sugar-free syrups.

Importantly, ensure that you read the labels to know the ingredients as there are some substitutes that you can use and raise your blood sugar levels like real sugar.

Use grass-fed butter


You can get this butter from cows that are grass-fed as they are healthier. And they produce a high-quality type of butter. However, many people find adding butter to coffee weird. The health benefits of using it in your instant coffee will be worth trying. This butter has 5 times more omega-6 fatty acid than the normal butter. Because of this, it breaks down fat helping with your keto diet.

Include MCT oil

What Is MCT Used For? The meaning of this oil is Medium Chain Triglycerides and they help to boost your coffee’s health benefits. The reason for this is when you include it in your coffee, the body will absorb it and use it for energy. MCT oil is also known to boost metabolism and thus helps in promoting weight loss. Therefore, the use of MCT oil in your keto diet is essential and beneficial.

Make your coffee


To keep up on the keto diet, make your coffee as you will ensure it is low carb. This is because you know what is going in your cup, and you avoid any additives that you usually get with the coffee you have bought from a café.

Making instant coffee is an easy way to make your coffee on the go. Since it has all benefits you brew and you do not have to buy coffee when you have your own.

To sum up, the above ways are beneficial to help you make your coffee keto-friendly. Try some to ensure your coffee is low carb and keto-friendly. If you need a quick caffeine fix, make yourself a cup at home with keto-friendly additives or buy ready coffee from a company that supports the keto diet.