The technology has enabled us to monitor any mobile phone without touching it. People are using online platforms to get into someone’s smartphone without letting them know. However, people with less technical knowledge find it harder to believe that it is possible for them as well.

This article covers the same topic and provides the easiest way to do it. Before you worry about the process, there is no root or jailbreak involved in the process.

It means that you can follow some easy steps and do it yourself.  However, we will share some important things about the process to help you understand how it works.So, let’s start by learning a few things about these applications.

What is a Phone Monitoring Application?

A phone monitoring application is a tool that collects information from a device without letting the owner know. Today, these applications have transformed into web-based solutions and most of them do not even require you to access the phone physically. Yes, you do not need to touch the smartphone to access it.

Online platforms like Minspy use advanced technology to verify the device with an online account and gives you direct access to the smartphone. Therefore, all the technical aspects are managed by the software and you just need to click on the application that you want to check.

Before we share the complete guide, here are a few things about the application we are going to use.



Minspy is one of the most trusted phone monitoring platforms in the world. It is used to create online accounts where you can connect a smartphone and check its activities remotely. The whole process takes place on its encrypted server that keeps you protected from unauthorized access to the data.

It is the same application that covers how to spy on text messages online.

It is used by millions of active users and recommended by famous publishers like Forbes, TechRadar, CNET, etc. That is why we trust this solution and help our readers using its advanced tools.

Another reason behind choosing this platform is its easy approach towards phone monitoring. The users need to follow a one-time process and it takes care of the rest.

So, let’s start and discuss the best way to use this platform to monitor someone’s smartphone.

Tracking a Mobile Phone With Minspy

If you want to track a smartphone with Minspy, you need to follow its installation guide. However, we took some time and covered it in simple words to help you out.

Follow these steps to track any smartphone with Minspy.

1.Register on Minspy

As we mentioned earlier, Minspy works with an online account. That is why you need to register for a free account on this platform. To create an account, you need to click on the Sign up Now button from the homepage of its website. It will ask you for your name and address to begin the registration. After that, you will receive an email in your inbox that helps you verify your account online.

2.Get Membership

The next is to get a membership that helps you activate your premium features on the account. For this, you need to select a plan from the 3 packages offered by the platform. You can make the transaction as you do on other platforms.

3.Connect Device


The third step is to connect the device with your account. For this, you need to follow the instructions available for Android and iPhone devices. Here’s how you can do it.

Connecting Android

To connect an android device, choose the Android logo and download the Minspy app setup from the website. You will need to install this setup on the device that you want to monitor. The app size is only 2MB and you can install it within a few seconds.

After that, open the application and sign in to the device using your Minspy account. It means that you need to enter the account details that you can create in the first step.

Connecting iPhone

To connect an iPhone, you need to access the iCloud account logged in on that smartphone. The best thing is that the process takes place remotely and you do not need to touch the smartphone.

You just need to click on the Apple logo on your account and enter the iCloud credentials of their smartphone. It will connect the device with your account and let you manage it accordingly.

4.Monitor the Device


You are all equipped with the tools to monitor the device now. All you need is to log in to your account on a web browser and check out the dashboard section. You will find different options to track information there.

For example, you can click on the WhatsApp button to check the WhatsApp messages from the targeted smartphone. Similarly, you can click on a location to check the location of the targeted device.

We recommend checking out the demo on its homepage to understand how these features work.

Here are some of the most popular features you can access in the fourth step:

WhatsApp Monitor: The first option is to check the WhatsApp of the targeted device. It will show you all the conversations and let you read them without turning on the read sign.

Snapchat Tracker: It is the most famous tool of this website. It lets you track the Snapchat account of the person and saves all the snaps before they disappear from the account.

Call Logs: Check the call logs of the persona and find out who they are talking to. The tool also shows you the frequently contacted numbers from that smartphone.

Location Tracker: If you want to track the location, you can click on this tool. It will show you the real-time location of the person.

Check out the complete list of features on the dashboard of your account. Additionally, you can check the demo for the extended list of features.

Final Words

You can finally track a device without learning hacking or any coding skills. The solution we shared in this article works for everyone as there is no root or jailbreak involved. Also, the demo version walks you through the complete process, making it easier to use.

Therefore, you can sign up for a free account and start tracking smartphones today.