Many people got locked phones in the past, but recently, unlocked phones are becoming more popular

Locked phones are the ones where people get their phones and phone services from the same company. The phone company then locks the phone using the software so that their clients can’t use their phones with other carriers.

However, with unlocked phones, customers can purchase the phone from anywhere and use their phones with any phone company. The carrier gives the clients a SIM card that allows service on the line and does not lock the customer into a contract.

Before deciding whether to buy a locked or unlocked phone, customers first need to understand the pros and cons of both.

Unlocked Phones Pros


1. Freedom

When buying an unlocked phone, customers can choose from a variety of carriers to use, and that gives them the ability to select one that fits their needs and with the best rates.

2. International use

When people buy phones, they have to think about how they will use them internationally and how well they will function.

When traveling with an unlocked phone, like an unlocked iPhone 11, people can swipe out their SIM cards and replace them with an international SIM card to allow for international calls. However, this sometimes depends on the compatibility of the phone with the network they wish to use.

3. Resale rates

Having an unlocked phone allows people to have a wide customer range. Also, there are higher chances of selling the phone because buyers know that they can use it with different carriers.


iPhone XS Max

1. Compatibility

One of the main challenges people face is that their unlocked phones might not be compatible with the carrier they want to use. Therefore, before buying, they must research all the networks and compatibility.

2. Payment

When buying an unlocked phone, people must pay the full price during the time of purchase. They may also have to pay for the phone insurance as an add-on if they want it.

3. Limited warranty and support options

Most phone companies selling unlocked phones do not offer a lot of warranty and support options for those phones. Therefore, if it fails or doesn’t function as it should, the client might not get a refund or replacement.

Locked Phones Pros

Mobile iphone

1. Price and payment options

Most companies selling locked phones have trade-in programs, which make it easier and cheaper for the clients. The clients also have an option of paying monthly installments for the phones and a higher chance to get discounts if they have good credit scores.

2. Reliability

Unlike unlocked phones, where clients have to look up the phone’s compatibility with certain carriers, people who buy locked phones are sure that they will work with the carrier’s network. There are also device protection plans for most locked phones.

3. Support and service

If buyers run into any problems when operating their devices, they can visit a local carrier shop, and so long as the device is in good physical shape, they will get the help and support they need.

Also, many carrier companies have their insurance plans, which are cheaper than getting one from an insurance company.



1. No flexibility

Unlike unlocked phones, customers cannot use any other carrier on their locked phone apart from the one the phone came with. That makes it hard for them to travel internationally with that device.

2. Costs more in the long run

While monthly payments may sound cheaper, buyers may end up paying more for the phone than they would have if they paid the whole amount.

3. Limited selection

Sometimes clients may find one phone edition works well with one carrier, but another phone edition from the same brand does not work well with the same carrier.