Following a recent Stack Overflow report, most reputable software makers consider Node JS a preferable development tool for web app creation. Over 46% of programmers used this environment as of 2022. So, the mentioned coding tool became even more popular than PHP. And this is despite the latter being the oldest and probably most highly admired web technology.



Of course, the hefty popularity of the described runtime environment is due to a huge demand for Node JS development services worldwide. Experts claim well-known brands are especially interested in using the mentioned tool for their software creation.

That’s because Node JS enables one to lower their company’s spending, improve corporate application productivity, and many more. So, let’s look closer at the famous enterprises employing the described runtime environment the most nowadays.

Government Institutions That Use Node JS Development

It probably will be surprising, but NASA widely employs the runtime environment presently. The organization faced difficulties consolidating its scattered and obsolete databases containing information about spacesuits. Such issues made it complex for scientists to access this info for research goals. That’s because the data-obtaining process was too slow and inconvenient.


So, NASA developers had to create an API-based database architecture to solve the problem. And they decided on Node JS to make the specified feature. The developers picked the runtime environment due to the following:

  1. Ability to essentially accelerate the database access process. The architecture the developers made allows for getting the needed info 300% faster than before. Thus, scientists are able to access the necessary data sets in only several seconds instead of a few hours.
  2. Capability to make obsolete databases available for users in the cloud through APIs. That’s due to the Node JS microservices architecture.
  3. Possibility to ensure smooth connection of obsolete databases (SQL Server and Oracle) to new cloud ones.

Thus, it’s significantly easier for NASA scientists to conduct research today. Consequently, their work effectiveness is much higher.

Famous Commercial Companies Employing Node JS



Typically, such firms have a lot of demands for their corporate software. Commercial brands’ applications should be easy to use to provide consumers with positive customer experiences.

Also, the apps have to be scalable, as well-known enterprises typically stand out for their active growth. Finally, famous companies strive to employ software that’s inexpensive to launch and maintain.

Although Node JS apps have all the features above, it’s still important to choose a reliable development agency (like Keenethics) to make them. That’s due to only trustworthy programmers being able to implement complex and innovative functions in your application properly. Furthermore, solely credible IT companies deliver high-quality services at a reasonable price.

Uber Uses Node JS Development

The famous cab service provider is forced to process loads of data daily. According to Business of Apps, approximately 14 mln clients order trips daily from Uber.

Moreover, the company’s drivers also send numerous inquiries via corporate software. And this is Node JS, which allows Uber’s web as well as mobile apps to operate smoothly, even during peak hours. Enterprise’s developers note the subsequent advantages of the specified runtime environment:

  1. Capability to make a synchronous and single-threaded event loop. This makes the software highly reliable. The latter increases client satisfaction.
  2. Possibility to make applications that can handle many requests quickly without efficiency losses. This enhances the company’s productivity.
  3. Ability to create cost-effective ecosystems for plenty of endpoints’ management.

Lastly, Uber can run advanced analytics due to the features based on the described JS environment. This helps detect fraud, determine separate branches’ effectiveness, etc.

eBay Actively Employs Node JS Development, Too


This one of the largest marketplaces worldwide had essential issues processing plenty of requests from buyers and sellers. These were the critical ones:

  • overloaded digital infrastructure;
  • too slow front-end development;
  • issues with cross-platform compatibility.

Node JS use, in turn, helped eBay offload its ecosystem and improve corporate software’s interface operation.

PayPal Is Also in It

SpendMeNot states that more than 85% of online buyers employ this system to pay for items. So, it’s critical for this company to serve its clients quickly and smoothly. After its developers began to apply Node JS, the enterprise’s apps started to operate up to 35% quicker. Furthermore, PayPal’s coders were able to create new app features two times faster. All that allowed the payment system to become even more profitable.

There are many more examples of successful Node JS use. You may find further details on this subject in thematic blogs. For instance, programmers praise the one at for its comprehensiveness.