TikTok is the fastest evolving social media platform worldwide; it doesn’t stop breaking records of monthly downloads and numbers of active users, giving a rather stiff competition to its rivals, Instagram and Facebook. While the majority of TikTok’s audience is young, this app has conquered other users of older age groups over the years, and in 2021, even your grandmother might be using TikTok!

The Obvious Comparison Between TikTok and Instagram

People love comparing TikTok with Instagram, discussing the algorithms behind each app. On Instagram, the posts we upload are displayed to our followers and an additional small group of users. According to their feedback on our content, its exposure rates could grow further. And how does TikTok’s algorithm work, you wonder? Unlike Instagram, on TikTok, having cheap TikTok followers is not a must to make your content go viral, because the exposure of videos on the app grows exponentially. Since the TikTok game runs this way, it’s significantly easier to scoop TikTok likes this way than gaining likes on any other platform!

What Makes TikTok So Trending?

TikTok is an ideal platform to be on if you want to make money: users put a link to their website/their businesses’, or links to download apps they created in their bio, thus generating new leads and users, potential clients and improving their website’s exposure altogether.

By collaborating with some company or brand, you can feature different products on your videos, include e-commerce links there, and cut your sales’ share eventually and get more video shares on tiktok.


So How Can You Become A TikTok Star And Enjoy The App To The Fullest?

First, you must establish your TikTok page as one that continuously creates brand new content, namely uploads videos regularly, and features the latest pop hits to leverage their popularity. The recommended numbers are 3-5 posts weekly; these videos could be duet/react videos or follow the most burning trends and challenges and have a go at them. Furthermore, you can make your videos more entertaining and fun to watch if you insert text overlays explaining what happens in the video. One final pro tip: try not to involve foreign languages in your videos, to overcome language barriers, making your videos viral faster than the speed of sound and accessible for everyone.


Are you dreaming of becoming a social media influencer? Then you should definitely check out TikTok if you aren’t there already. Ignore any remarks you’ve heard saying, ‘there are only teenagers there’, because even adults join this video-creating app, and in 2021, TikTok is literally EVERYONE’S app. So if you are willing to join TikTok it is the right time. No need to panic to get a massive amount of followers as you can always try to buy real active TikTok followers to achieve growth.

This relatively new app holds fantastic marketing opportunities for both businesses and regular accounts alike and explains why it’s taken the world by storm. The ways to monetize your TikTok experience include: once you’ve hit 1K followers, you’ll unlock the option to start doing live streams on the app, enabling you to collect money from your audience. Moreover, you can provide a link to your website/some product in your bio and benefit from sales.

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