If you or a loved one serves or has served in the armed forces, you may benefit from various services and programs, including travel services. Here are three things you need to know about traveling services for the armed forces.

1. Ways To Save

Many armed forces travel services offer or include discounts. Check for flight discounts, low-cost flights, and baggage discounts. Certain programs, such as travel credit cards, have discounts or special offers for military personnel or veterans and their families. Local businesses may also do this. You may benefit from local deals in your area or upon arrival at your destination.

2. Things You Need

Certain things are required for travel no matter the situation. At least one form of identification, your boarding pass or ticket, and prescription medication are common examples.

Make sure you review what you need as a member of the armed forces, such as boarding assistance or weapons transportation. Check whether you can enroll in programs such as expedited security screening and what you need to do to enroll.


3. Plans To Make

Travel involves flexibility, particularly travel for military purposes. Be sure to plan for various climates and travel from a military base to your final destination. If you think you may need to travel on short notice, prepare a bag ahead of time.

Your bag should include everything you might need for a few days, including prescription medications, toiletries, and one or two sets of clothes. Make sure you have plans in place for pet or child care in case you need to travel unexpectedly.

Make sure you and your family members are aware of the armed forces travel services available to you. Some may be offered exclusively to active-duty military personnel or veterans. Others may also be available to the family members of military personnel.