Manhattan Beach, California has a population of 35,722 people with a population growth rate of around 0.27% each year. Some residents say it has a European feel. The narrow streets and closely built homes are reminiscent of some of the cities and towns in Europe.

It’s not your typical Southern California beach area. It’s not overrun with tourists and it maintains a small beach town feel.

Are you thinking about moving to Manhattan Beach? If so, stick around to find out why it’s a good idea in 2020.

Manhattan Beach

The Location

Are you coming from a different state or relocating within the state of California? Either way, you need to know the details of this beach town.

Where is Manhattan Beach, California?

It is located in Southern California on the Pacific Coast. It is south of El Segundo and north of Hermosa Beach.

What County is Manhattan Beach, CA in?

You’ll find Manhattan Beach in the southwestern part of Los Angeles County, CA.

How Far is Manhattan Beach from LAX?

Manhattan Beach is only 5 miles from Los Angeles Airport.

Is Manhattan Beach the Place for You?

Do you love the beach and all it has to offer? Do you desire a family-friendly town with lots of dining choices? Well, Manhattan Beach might be the place for you. Let’s look at 5 reasons you should move there.

1. The Weather

The weather in Manhattan Beach is pretty close to perfect. It is warm without being too hot. The cool ocean breezes keep the air clean.

There is never a day when you can’t get outside to enjoy the beach, ride your bike, or enjoy other outdoor activities.

2. So Much to Do

Wondering what to do in Manhattan Beach? Besides the trendy boutiques, great sweet shops, and the pier, there’s the annual Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair and the World Famous Pumpkin Race Festival each October to name a couple of eagerly awaited events.

3. The Restaurant Scene

Once named the best beach for food by GQ magazine, you’ll enjoy the variety of choices when it comes to eating out.

4. Short Commute

The average commute is 27 minutes which is pretty amazing for southern California.

5. Family Friendly

The people are very friendly. The schools are top-rated, among the best in the country. The city is safe with low crime rates, much lower than Los Angeles. The population is well-educated with 74% of the population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. The city comes in fifth overall among the most educated places in California.

Do want the perfect place for you and your family? Check out these tips for finding homes in Manhattan Beach.

Are You Ready to Move?

Now that you know the reasons to move to Manhattan Beach, are you leaning towards taking the plunge? It just might be the best decision you ever make.

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