Holidays are the time of the year every member of our family eagerly waits for. Holidays bring us the perfect opportunity to disconnect from our daily routines and live new, amazing experiences in unknown places. Over the last decades, Malaga has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and there is no wonder why. If you want to experience a holiday full of sun, stunning monuments and breathtaking beaches, then Malaga is the perfect destination for you.

The importance of planning your visit beforehand

Malaga is a beautiful coastal town located in the southern part of Spain. The city is located in the renowned Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun), an area that gets its name for the incredible number of sunny days it gets through the year.

Malaga has its own international airport, which helps greatly when it comes to tourism. The airport has access to public transportation services, and if you want to rent your own car, companies like DELPASO offer free transfers from their terminals to their offices, so you would not need to worry about anything. We personally recommend that you go with the second option and rent your own car, since Malaga is surrounded by many charming coastal towns that will complement your trip perfectly.


Once you arrive into town and leave your luggage in your hotel of choice (of which Malaga has many perfect alternatives available), you are ready to go out and discover the city. Malaga has plenty of monuments to discover, and of course, its world-famous beaches are the perfect place to spend the day. Your visit to Malaga also brings the perfect opportunity for you to discover Spanish gastronomy. Experiencing Spanish gastronomy first hand is something you should plan for during your trip. Many of Malaga’s restaurants offer traditional dishes like paella, and by the beach you will be able to find traditional roasted sardines posts where the fresh catch of the day using traditional techniques.

Overall, Malaga is a city with a lot to offer, and if you plan your visit carefully beforehand, you do not have a reason to miss out on anything.

Impressive locations to discover in Malaga

Malaga is a city with a lot to offer to its visitors. Many people decide to visit Malaga only because of its beaches (which are on its majority easily accessed by foot), but, why limit ourselves? Malaga has a lot of monuments and interesting places to discover nearby. Here are some of our recommendations of places you should not miss during your travel:

Malaga’s citadel

Malaga’s citadel was built back in the XI century by the Muslims and worked both as a ruling place and as a line of defence against catholic invasions. This monument is very well-preserved, and it is surrounded by breathtaking gardens and fountains. The citadel is located on top of a hill, which allows its visitors to enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the city and its port. Inside the citadel, you will also be able to visit an archaeological museum and learn more about the history of the city.

The Roman theatre

The Roman theatre is Malaga’s most ancient monument. It dates back to the I century, and its remains were not discovered until the XX century. A lot of theatrical performances are performed on these ruins, allowing the spectators to immerse themselves into the Romans’ life.

The cities surrounding Malaga

Malaga is surrounded by many charming areas and by car hire Malaga you will be able to discover them all, perfectly complementing your trip. There are cities nearby like Marbella, which is the perfect destination if you want to experience luxury first hand, Benalmadena, which is perfect for a beach day or Granada, which is perfect for history lovers.

Malaga and its surrounding areas offer its visitors many alternatives to fit into everyone’s needs, making it a perfect destination for your next holiday.