If a foreigner who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship accepts dual citizenship in his/her own State, if he/she fulfills the conditions specified in the T.R. Citizenship Law.

There are procedures to be followed and documents to be prepared by foreigners who want to work in any institution/company in Turkey, obtain a residence permit accordingly, and acquire Citizenship of Turkey after a certain period of time.

Permenant Residence Turkey: How To Get Turkish Citizenship?

If a foreigner who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship accepts dual citizenship in his/her own State, if he/she fulfills the conditions specified in the T.R. Citizenship Law, he/she can acquire Turkish citizenship with the decision of the competent authority.

However, it should be emphasized that the meeting required conditions does not provide an absolute right to acquire citizenship. In other words, it is not possible for everyone who meets the conditions to acquire Turkish citizenship. Because it is a matter that falls under the sovereignty of states to give citizenship to whom and to whom it will not.

Conditions for application

For foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship;

  • To be mature and able to distinguish according to their own national law or, if stateless, according to Turkish laws,
  • To reside in Turkey for five consecutive years, backwards from the date of application,
  • Confirming with his actions that he has decided to settle in Turkey (to prove that he has decided to settle in Turkey, fulfilling one or more of the following conditions to be convincing: acquiring real estate in Turkey. Establishing a business in Turkey. To invest. To transfer the business center to Turkey. To work in a workplace subject to a work permit in Turkey. To marry a Turkish citizen. To apply for Turkish Citizenship as a family. To have a mother, father, sibling or child who previously acquired Turkish citizenship. Having completed his education in Turkey.)
  • Not have a disease that poses a danger to general health,
  • To have a sense of responsibility for the society, to have good morals and to be reliable,
  • Being able to speak Turkish enough,
  • To have an income or profession that will provide for himself and his dependents in Turkey,
  • Not to be in a situation that would constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order

Application process

Those whose files are complete and appropriate will be investigated by the Provincial Police Department in accordance with the above conditions. The file of the foreigner whose investigation is completed is returned to the governorship and the governorship sends the file to the commission.

Whether the applicant meets all of the above conditions is examined by the commission on the file and determined by mutual interview. The applicant’s family situation is also examined in this interview and attention is paid to whether he is of Turkish descent. Deaf and dumb people are interviewed in their own sign language with the help of a translator or if they are literate, by writing.

In case of a positive decision of the commission, the file is sent to the Ministry, but if it is negative, it is sent to the governorship.

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