The best time for families is when you decide the vacation time. Different people have different choices and the preference for holiday destinations also varies. Some want it full of adventure and some want to have a relaxing time. Barbados Villas is a perfect getaway for family vacations who want to take a timeout from their hectic work schedules. Well, before deciding your destination, let’s see the types of holiday preferences people opt for.

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  • Wildlife tours: If you are fond of holidays, you may opt for Africa, the abode to wildlife, and wild tribes. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe are the hotspots for wildlife tourists. You can spot the ‘Big five’ animals here- lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant, and rhino. Apart from the animals, you will be awestruck to see the savannah grassland and picturesque sunset. If you want to see the Bengal tiger, you may approach the Sundarbans in West Bengal, India. Chase the tigers in Ranthambhore and also in the Gir forest of Gujarat, India. If you are adventurous enough to see the gigantic sized Anaconda in Latin America, visit the Amazon forest. Well, you may still see the pygmies and rare carnivorous plants in Congo. Dare to plan a visit in the intense lands of Africa and it will be a lifetime experience.

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  • Bountiful mountains & lush vert valleys: If you are fond of the bountiful mountains, visit the Alps in Europe, especially Switzerland. You will enjoy skiing over the white soft snow or experience parachute gliding. The lush green background with the white snow-capped mountains at the backdrop will be a real treat to your eyes. To enjoy the same, you can fly to Austria, or maybe the Scandinavian countries to experience a special addition to the list, the aurora borealis. Alternatively, if you are planning to travel to Colombia, you can enjoy the views of the snow-capped Andes Mountains. These are the best for those families who cherishing the mysteries of nature.
  • Beach tours:
    Are you fond of beaches? You must plan a tour to Montego Bay. There are many unique attractions to see if you plan your trip there. The most popular attractions in the area include the white sand beaches, the vibrant nightlife and the world-class scuba diving sites. You may also visit Thailand and the jewels of Indonesia. Get sun-soaked and pampered here with all possible amenities. Visit Kerala, India to enjoy a mind-boggling Ayurveda massage, and sip the cool coconut water. Fly to Goa if you are fond of local drinks and seafood dishes. You may also be attracted to the Mediterranean Sea and the cities nearby if you want the feel of the hot sun along with seafood platter and Paella in Spain. If you’re flying into the Canary Islands, pickup a Lanzarote airport car rental and see all of what the island has to offer! Fly across the blue waters in scooters, or maybe enjoy the waves on a board, you’ll love those moments of sun, sand, and seclusion.
  • Historical tour: Historical places attract visitors, especially those sites which are UNESCO rated. If you were once fond of those chapters of the history of how the emperors conquered land, built religious centres, iconic buildings, then you must visit places in Europe, Northern Africa, and India. Explore the beauty of the sphinx, pyramids amidst the hot sands in Egypt. Discover the story behind the magnificent Taj Mahal in India, or maybe visit the Vatican City in Italy to be blessed with the Pope’s spirit. Well, follow your heart and make your itinerary ready to explore the best.
  • Festival tours: In case your family is fond of enjoying the vibrant festivals, visit Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to be immersed in the spirit and madness of celebration. Visit Belgium during summer when the flower festival occurs, and the entire city bedecked up with floral pattern carpets. Visit the holy Vatican City during Christmas or maybe the ‘City of Joy’ Kolkata during the Durga Puja; you’ll love the ambiance madly. Visit the football clubs in European countries, and if possible try attending a match, to get the real heat while your favourite team strikes off a goal.
  • Lifestyle & Shopping tours: If you are fond of shopping for the latest styles, visit Dubai during the shopping festival. Drop into the fabulous shopping malls in Singapore, while you get bedazzled with the latest trends, and brands jostling spaces. Drop into the USA across cities like New York, New Jersey, and check special offers on special products, especially before the Christmas and Thanksgiving commence.


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