When travelling, one of the biggest concerns that can arise is deciding where to park your car while you are out of town. Luckily, there are companies that are dedicated to providing this type of service in a responsible manner, giving you the security and peace of mind that your vehicle will be well protected.

When travelling out of town, we usually depart from the airport, port or train station to take the corresponding transport that will take us to our destination, but you should always be careful about where you leave your car and that it is safely guarded until your return.

Fortunately, in almost every city there are companies that have specialized in providing parking services in well-guarded facilities, where they guarantee that your car will be well protected for as long as you need.

For example, in Alicante and Valencia, two busy cities in the Valencian Community, one of the most recognized companies in this area is Victoria Parking, a company with more than 40 years of experience and extensive experience in providing convenient, safe and 100% reliable parking services.

Parking Lot

Car Parking Alicante Airport is a service that this company offers to the inhabitants of this city so that they can park their vehicles in a safe place, very close to the airport, the railway station and the port, which are equidistant, approximately 2 minutes away from the place.

It is a great advantage to have this company, for all that it offers to its users: security, affordable rates, and excellent services and customer care. That is why it has become the most popular parking company in the area.

What services does it offer?

Victoria Parking, in its two car parks in Alicante and Valencia, offers special services that are of great help to those who need to park their vehicles near the transport hubs while they are travelling. These services include:

Parking 24/7: this is its main service, around which all the others revolve, and consists, precisely, of providing safe spaces, where users can park their cars for as long as they need. They will be safe there and will be kept in the same condition in which they arrive, that is totally guaranteed.

The company offers two parking areas that you can use at your choice: one outdoors and the other indoors, in both spaces the vehicle will be well protected. Of course, in the indoor area, it will be protected from the intense sun and rain. It all depends on what you decide.

Permanent surveillance: every car left in the car parks is fully protected, 24 hours a day, by a team of private security guards and a permanently operating closed-circuit television surveillance system. In other words, there is no reason to worry, because care is extreme.

Secure fencing: in addition to the video systems and private security guards, the entire perimeter of the area is guarded with a very secure metal fence to protect all areas.

Full coverage insurance: if you still don’t feel confident with all that the parking company offers you, they have contracted a full coverage insurance policy in case of any contingency and your vehicle is affected. Their policy covers any type of damage to the car, including collisions or theft.

Free transfer to the transport hubs: when you leave your car in the car park, a company vehicle, with all the comforts you can imagine, will immediately take you to the airport, port or train station so that you can catch your transport on time and travel to your destination.

Extra services: while you leave your car parked, you can request certain services, including the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV), mechanical repairs (only at Victoria Parking Valencia), internal and external washing and even a total disinfection with ozone.

It is a very practical way to make the most of the time your vehicle will be on site, while you fulfill your work commitments or enjoy your well-deserved holidays out of town.

You can also enjoy these services in Valencia

The aforementioned services apply at Car Parking Valencia Airport, where the same attention to detail is offered as in Alicante. Even the distances between the car park and the transport hubs are very similar, about 2 minutes each.

You can park any type of vehicle: small or large cars, vans, trucks, caravans and even boats, you just have to coordinate which service you need.

How to book?

To enjoy the services offered by Victoria Parking, you can go directly to their car parks, in Valencia or Alicante, depending on where you are, or make your reservation online, with which you guarantee a space in the car park, either in the open air or undercover.

Booking online is very easy, you can do it right now if you want to. All you need to do is go to the website victoria-parking.com, fill in a simple form, indicating the days you will need the service so that the system can calculate the exact rate, and according to it, you decide to take it. Just one click is enough to book and enjoy a good, cheap and safe parking for as long as you require.

Annual parking

To make it easier and cheaper for users, the company has devised an annual parking plan that you can take advantage of if you are a frequent traveler or if you require an extra space to park another vehicle that does not fit in your garage.

This plan consists of an annual payment of €550 for parking for 365 days, and for just €100 more you can opt to park in the indoor parking areas.

If you are about to travel and are worried about where to leave your precious car, Victoria Parking and their parking services in Valencia and Alicante have the perfect solution. Just check out their services on their website, book online and relax for a happy and enjoyable trip.