Are you planning for some adventurer trip with full of joy and happiness? If yes, then your wait is over. Here we tell you about beautiful Galapagos island tour and give you a few tips on planning your next trip to Ecuador.

Travel is a wonderful way to grow, change and discover the world. By learning about your destinations, you can create a journey of a lifetime. The Galapagos Islands are a unique destination considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and a protected national park.

Galapagos Islands is one of the world’s most spectacular destinations and best way is to explore the Galapagos island is Galapagos island cruise. A vacation of a lifetime awaits you aboard world-class Galapagos yachts and small cruise ships. Multi-guided adventures, water and land activities led by nature experts will exceed all your expectations. Prepare to fall in love with the most beautiful sunsets, the endangered Galapagos fauna.

Scuba diving with marine life

Cruising around the Galapagos Islands is the best way to explore, feel and breathe the true essence of these islands, their pristine state, their wilderness and the diversity of their incredible wildlife. The wonderful thing is that Galapagos cruises come in all shapes, sizes and budgets: no matter what you’re looking for, there’s a boat to suit your needs.

The most intuitive method of distinguishing boats in Galapagos is the category give to customers based on their level of service, facilities and features: Luxury, First Class, Middle Class and Budget. Almost always the category depends on the price of the cruise; however, there are other features that have a significant impact on the experience customers can have.


A medium-sized cruise ship with more than 25 to 30 passengers offers very different experiences than a smaller ship, such as a motor yacht, catamaran or sailboat.

Yachts can be single-hulled motorboats, catamaran motorboats, or motor sailboats, as well as motor sailboats. Sailing yachts travel under sail infrequently, if at all, because the motor yacht is more reliable and helps the vessel adhere to a given route.

Catamarans are usually wider, which provides more space for their length, and are also more stable. Sailing boats are usually long and narrow, with smaller cabins, and they can be slightly less stable than monohulls or catamarans.

As a general rule, the longer and wider the boat, the more stable it is in the sea, as it will not be affected by rolling sea as much.

All boats in the Galapagos will go to a good mix of islands, so we recommend not worrying too much about specific itineraries unless you have a specific place or animal you absolutely must see. Each one has its own unique and interesting features, and you’ll see most of the highlights of the Galapagos on any cruise.

It is best to begin your cruise with an open mind so as not to be disappointed if the boat has to make a last minute adjustment.