It’s no secret that overweight luggage can put a dent in our wallets. The fees can get really high, sometimes unreasonably so. That’s why, before heading to the airport, you should weigh your bags with a digital counting scale from Purchasing a weighing scale is a good decision because it is a cost-effective and handy equipment that provides accurate weight information. We can monitor the weight and make adjustments as needed anytime.

Checked luggage has a limit of 50 pounds in most cases, though some airlines allow only 40 pounds max. International and budget airlines, in particular, may also impose weight restrictions on carry-on luggage.

But what happens when your luggage is not as scale-handy as others? How do you weigh it? How do you know if it hasn’t exceeded 50 pounds? It could be easy to tell if you’re a frequent flier, but what if you’re not? Also, this matter calls for accurate weighing because even a pound over the limit would still result in fees.

The top luggage scales on the market should have you covered, but there are also ways to weigh your bags without a scale. Let’s check them out!

A Luggage Scale Can Make Your Life Easier


A luggage scale doesn’t always have to be big, bulky, and expensive; it can be small, portable, and affordable. There are models you can hook onto the suitcase handle and then lift up to weigh the luggage. These can provide accurate readings for the price of an airport snack. You can also find excellent models, such as collapsible luggage from Rollink, that will definitely suit all your travel needs.

Another great thing about these handheld scales is that they take up as little room as possible in your bag. So get one and keep it in your suitcase for convenience. This should save you from worrying about overweight luggage and the fees that come with it.

Also, after leaving the house with a light enough case, you may decide to purchase souvenirs and place them inside your luggage. This can make it easy to lose track of the added weight, so you start to worry if your baggage is overweight.

While luggage scales are usually available to purchase at airports, you could still be left with the problem of what to do with the excess baggage. See if you can fit some personal items in your pockets or handbag; you may have to surrender the rest to airport staff.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that a handheld scale is a good investment that can save you from a ton of hassle and guesswork.

But you didn’t come here for that; you came here for our tips, and here they are.


How To Weigh Luggage Without a Scale

So, how heavy are 50 pounds? Well, 50 pounds is 50 pounds; there’s nothing more to it.

We know what you mean, of course. You are basically asking how 50 pounds compare to something familiar.

We don’t often find ourselves picking up stuff that weighs 50 pounds, but there are some things that should belong to that weight category:

  • An eight-year-old child
  • A six-gallon jug of milk
  • A 50-pound gym plate

So, while 50 pounds is not exactly light, it may not be what you’d consider heavy either. Nonetheless, that’s why suitcases have wheels, and travelers are often advised to pack light and fly with carry-on luggage only.

luggage too heavy

Weigh Your Bag Using a Bathroom Scale

Some hotels might have luggage scales available at reception, but a bathroom scale should do if they don’t.

If you have access to this instrument, the most effective way to weigh your luggage is to first weigh yourself. Write down your weight, then weigh yourself with the suitcase. Subtract your weight from this value to get the luggage weight.

This is how to take advantage of a bathroom scale for weighing luggage, as it lets you avoid the hassle of attempting to balance a large bag on a scale meant to accommodate no more than two adult feet.

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How To Know If Your Luggage Is Overweight: The Verdict

Buying a portable hanging luggage scale would have saved you from all this hassle. But, at the same time, we’re kind of happy you didn’t since it brought you to this article. Now you’re more informed about the matter than ever. Still, we urge you to buy a luggage scale at the next available opportunity; it’s just the easiest and most convenient solution.

Fifty pounds is quite a generous weight limit if you think about it. You aren’t likely to hit that limit packing only clothes unless you are compressing an excessive amount.

However, adding devices, souvenirs, gifts, and liquor is a different story and may lead to you having to worry about limits.

It would be sensible on your part to bring a large bag for personal items; something you can fold to a tiny size would be a good option. This way, you can have somewhere to place items in case your luggage goes over the limit.

And if your case alone weighs at least 40 pounds, get a scale and pack super light!