A weekend getaway can be an opportunity to refresh, rejuvenate, and refocus. If you are the type of person who is always on the job, the only time you get to do something nice to your body is only on the weekend. The beauty of a getaway is that anyone can go. You can make it a romantic, family, or solo getaway. Whatever the option, you want to make it exciting, adventurous, and sizzling.

For most of us, all we want is to take time off so that we can cool down, but the world is a place that you want to make the most out of everything. So, you are probably looking for something memorable along the way.


In this article,  we’re going to talk about how you can turn a simple weekend getaway into a special experience you will remember.


You are likely to read that every great experience starts with a plan. Well, that is only true if you want to have an experience that you wanted. The only experience that you can imagine in your wildest dreams. You are unlikely to plan for what the world out there can offer. So, for this unique getaway, the keyword is discovery.

You can board a train and alight at a place that you have never alighted. Take a bus further to discover nature. Alternatively, you can take your car and start driving until you reach the place that nature bequeaths you. Today, you can easily get a truck or an RV fitted with everything you need to camp outdoors. You need just to look for the top choices online and you are bound to find the best one based on your needs and budget. As long as you have safety in mind when packing, you will be ready to explore at a moment’s notice.

beach sand

Try Off-season Getaways

If you really want to soak the goodness of any destination, try off-season. If you did not plan your destination, how do you know whether you are off-season or on peak season? Just avoid getaways on busy holiday seasons, even the mall holidays. Pick a random week from an ordinary month. The good thing about off-peak is that there are the quietness and the personal attention that you get. Few people are doing what you are doing. You are likely to enjoy far better treats for far lower prices.

Treat Your Bones

If you are a person that loves to get a massage or visit the sauna every now and then, then you should consider taking it up a notch. Try seeing a chiropractor, you’ll be surprised to just how refreshing a single visit can be. How about getting some acupuncture treatment? While some may find it scary, it’s been proven to be quite a relaxing experience. Give your body a treat that it deserves. If you are always seated behind a desk at work, you will definitely appreciate these experiences.

Capture the Moment

Nowadays, most people end up taking their phones for the getaway and not them. Instead of enjoying their surroundings, they are busy taking pictures. Hey! Wake up! Enjoy the moment first; if there will be some that will be left, you will capture it. Remember, memories are hard to make. Taking pictures does not equate to memories. It is just an image if it does not remind you of something awesome. The day you will stare at that photo, it will remind you of an awesome adventure that you had.

Get a Little Rush

It can be those dangerous off cliff jumps, rock climbing, scuba diving, or sampling those cultural products that give you chills at the thought of it, such as bull-running. Try something that will wake your senses and ignite your passion in life. However, always take precautions. Do not do anything that might turn fatal. Some of these activities have said to give you a different outlook on life. They give you more reasons to stop chasing life but instead seek meaningful experiences in life.

Keep it short. If you have been following this script keenly, you are unlikely to experience time running by you. You will have an experience that keeps you on edge throughout. The trick to avoid burnout or worse addiction, keep it short. Scientists recommend you do everything in under 36 hours. Short is memorable and special. It lasts in your memory for a lifetime, and you keep looking forward to the day you will do it again.