Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is a city to behold. It’s a bustling capital with unique attractions and top-class entertainment.

And if you want to get around Cardiff faster and with more ease, your best choice is to drive your private vehicle, whether for personal travels or business. Renting a van is a common practice.

But how much should you budget for a rental van in Cardiff? Is it expensive? We’ll find out.

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How much to Rent a Van in Cardiff?

The average cost of renting a van in Cardiff is £24 per day, which could even go lower to £11 per day.

That’s the short answer.

However, you must consider other costs you might have to shoulder when you search for van hire in Cardiff.

Pricing Options

As with many other car rental shops, pricing options vary in Cardiff. You can be charged using the following factors:

● By the hour
● By the day
● By the mileage

You can opt to pay by the day if you’ll use the van for multiple dropoffs or if you have to make back-and-forth travels. This is also the most common option among rentals.

Fuel Costs

Fuel policies are flexible in Cardiff. The most common policy is to receive the car with a full tank and return it with the same.

You can also pay upfront for a full tank and return the car empty, or simply return the car with the same amount of fuel it had when you received it.

Why Should You Rent a Van in Cardiff?

There are many reasons why you should avail van rentals in Cardiff. Here are some of the most important ones:

Cheap Prices

If you pay and play your cards right, renting a van in Cardiff is a lot cheaper than buying one or using public transport. This guide on the 5 laws anyone working in used VW transporter for sale should know will come in handy for both those who are looking for their best deals and those who are responsible for giving the best advice possible.

Extra Benefits

Most van rental shops offer great additional benefits to loyal customers. Some of these benefits include:
● Free vouchers
● Free weekends
● Additional coverage
● Extensions

Fast Collection

It is advisable to book as early as you can get a better deal. But in Cardiff, most van rentals offer a speedy collection of the vehicle when you need it.

Planned Trips

Rental vans in Cardiff also make planned trips easier to schedule, since you won’t have to worry about the vehicle you need to get around.

New Cardiff Driving Rules You Should Know

RV Rent

Before you hit the Cardiff road, keep the following driving rules in mind.

● The UK has Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) scheme, which means you have to pay more if your van doesn’t meet emissions standards.
● There are “smart motorways” in the UK. If you drive in lanes marked with a red “X,” you’ll have to pay up to £100 in penalty and three points on your license.
● Newer cars must have intelligent speed assist features starting 2022.
● If you’re an EU citizen, you might have to check whether your driving permits/licenses still work in the UK (due to Brexit). This entails additional fees.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with all important Cardiff laws on parking, roads, and travel.