As soon as the realities of COVID-19 set in, commercial airlines closed, leaving people stranded. For many, this meant that they had to isolate or endure lockdowns far from family and loved ones. For others, this meant the end of their businesses as they knew it.

Because of this, more and more people turned to private jet charters for safe travel back to their home countries, or just as a way of travelling without being exposed to masses of other passengers.

The answer is simple: yes, it is much safer to travel on a private plane during the pandemic. And here’s why:

Less exposure to germs

On a regular commercial flight, a passenger will come into contact with around 700 things. Firstly, the entry to the boarding gates and check-in counters for regular commercial flights are numerous.

Throughout the passenger’s journey through the airport, many surfaces need to be touched at any point, including when checking in baggage, visiting bathrooms, going through check-in counters, and boarding gates.

With private jet travel, the passenger only needs to go to the private jet terminal, meet their broker, and board immediately. Hence, there is no need to navigate through large airport terminals and potentially be exposed to germs and other surfaces.

Smaller private jet terminals and areas mean that frequent sanitizing is more effective too.


Less exposure to people

Airports are busy places, and when traveling on a commercial plane, a passenger is usually around hundreds of people at any given time. When inside the aircraft cabin, they will be seated next to another passenger, leaving little room for social distancing.

On a private jet flight, the passenger will engage only with the broker or person checking them in at the private jet terminal. Depending on whether they are traveling with family, friends or business associates, they will likely have the cabin entirely to themselves.

With private jet travel, social distancing is entirely possible. No more sitting right next to a stranger, and no more being jostled and surrounded by other people in a busy terminal.

Strict protocols for staff

Although most major airlines will have strict health protocols, these protocols will be even more stringent with a private jet charter company. This is because there are already fewer staff members, and the ones that are working with the passenger will adhere to the strictest protocols.

When traveling on a large commercial airline, the passenger is exposed to numerous staff members. When working with larger numbers like that, something could slip through the cracks. However, even just one staff member who has not appropriately sanitized could put the passenger at risk of exposure to the virus.

Most reputable private jet charter companies will hold their staff to high standards. They will need to wear a mask at all times, sanitize their hands and working areas thoroughly, and may even be tested for the virus regularly.

In-cabin safety

In addition to less, or no other passengers, the cabin is cleaner and more hygienic than a commercial plane one in the cabin itself. The cabin of a private jet is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every flight, and sometimes even during private flights.

The level of cleanliness and sanitization of the private jet cabin is more thorough and detailed than is always possible with a large commercial jet cabin.

Furthermore, being in the air in a private jet cabin means not worrying about sharing air circulation with many other people.

The business factor

It’s no secret that the pandemic had a crippling effect on many businesses throughout the world. With travel restrictions and lockdowns, some businesses even went out of business completely.

As the world starts getting back on its feet, many businesses are trying to recover their losses and start operating again. For a lot of companies, this means the need for travel. Although conferences and events may have ground to a halt, there is still a need for business travel.

Often, business people will need to attend meetings, or oversee business events and production in other cities or countries. They need to travel, but don’t want to risk the health and safety of their traveling employees by exposing them to people and germs through commercial travel.

This is where private jet travel comes to the rescue. Staff can travel safely, in a socially distancing-friendly manner, and also more quickly. The time it takes to hire a private jet, get to the terminal and get off the ground is still far less than with regular commercial travel.

Another consideration is how much longer it takes people to get through commercial terminals, with health checks and all the new added red tape. When there’s an urgent business matter that needs attending to, private jet travel is the only way to go and get there quickly.

Sometimes, there are still cancellations and delays with commercial travel due to sudden imposed restrictions or lockdowns. However, with private jet travel, these delays aren’t an issue.

If businesses start growing and thriving again, they cannot deal with the delays and red tape, and risk of exposure to germs that come with commercial travel. Private jet charter is the best means of helping floundering businesses get back off the ground – literally and figuratively.

Charter a private jet during the pandemic

Fortunately, the private jet charter has made it possible to travel and conduct business again. In addition, due to its exclusivity and the high standards of most private jet charter companies, the risk of contracting the virus is lower when traveling on a private jet.

Private jet charter has made travel during the pandemic safer and more accessible and to more people than ever before. However, it is important to always stick to the health protocols, regardless of how you’re traveling.