Not everybody loves the 9-5 job style. Few want to skip those boring working hours, meetings, and monotonous tasks. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t like to work. What they don’t like is being monotonous or doing something they don’t like. Luckily, there is a way to skip it and indulge into a more interesting yet challenging job style- is a digital nomad. You might be thinking what it means. Well, today more and more people are shifting towards this jobstyle that gives them more freedom. A Digital nomad blog is a perfect place to understand everything about it.

So, let us begin from the scratch and understand about this job style.

Who are digital nomads?

Nomads are those who roam place to place and don’t have a permanent settlement. Digital nomads are no different to them but they don’t wander for food, and shelter. They are modern nomads who travel the world for money. They carry gadgets like smartphones and laptops to work online and earn some money. Well, there aim is to enjoy travelling whilst making some money. However, they may or may not move frequently.

In short, these are people who want to make money online at the same time enjoying the beautiful world. Also, these are remote workers who do remote jobs. However, don’t consider digital nomads to those who are working on remote locations. Of course they are working, but they are not nomads because they live their permanently for earning or till the end of job contract. On the other hand, you cannot even say digital nomads to those who travel around the world doing local jobs. Of course, they are nomads but not the digital ones.

The term can be quite confusing but all digital nomad blog has same definition.  However, if some of them say that one who works from beach, under the sun roof are digital nomads, then they are probably misleading you. Don’t get fooled by those who post their pictures on Instagram with laptop working on the beach. Digital nomads are different.

Now you know who they are but one question might be striking to the readers of our mind- why do they even want to become digital nomads? Well, freedom is one answer for the question but there are many more reasons too. Have a look over those here in digital nomad blog.

Digital nomads- what is so good about them?

Freedom to work

Digital Nomads

The great benefit these nomads get is the freedom to work from anywhere. They are not a morning person who gets up on time and dressed up for the office. They work whenever they want and start their day late or early depending on their choice. So, they never feel the blue Monday unlike those who don’t like to start weekend after a Sunday night.

Enjoy life more

Satisfaction is a big thing. Working for 9-5 in weeks may not give you satisfactory results because your boss is never happy with your work. Moreover, you don’t like the work and that to unsatisfied means you lose motivation. Digital nomads are happy and satisfied workers because they do what they are passionate about. As a result, they feel motivated every time. Additionally, they get time for doing things that make them more conscious towards life. Yoga, meditation, and more helps them realize the true satisfaction and thus enjoy their life more than others.

Financial advantage

Digital Nomads

Digital nomads may or may not earn more but they are happy workers. The kind of work they do is their choice which may not give them surplus of money but satisfaction is unmatchable. And when you are happy and satisfied you work more, in short you are productive. They set their working goals and evaluate their hourly rates. They give whole focus to produce better results and income. They don’t get pay cheques monthly rather it may be weekly or daily.

Also, they are free to live anywhere in the country which means they can find a cheap location. Some of the cheapest places are Thailand and Indonesia. The quality of life is great in less money. Moreover, they save residential rent and taxes as well. So, there is always a financial advantage for digital nomads.

Ample of opportunities

Many people think that these nomads have fewer opportunities because most of the opportunities lie within the office environments. No, that’s wrong guys. The world is huge and there is never dearth of opportunities. Amazing peoples find their way and they are making even six figures money just in a month. Their one hour work earns them more money than a week hour work. They can work as a freelancer and sever their services without confined to office locations.

A healthy life

Digital Nomads

Working for 9 hours a day and that to be a deadline is stressful. The desktops and deadline sucks your energy. You have a pressure of work and cooperate with colleagues. Engage in an unhealthy routine to complete work before deadline. You get wrinkles, dark circles, weak immunity, and poor skin due to focusing only on work sitting in front of computes. One of the biggest harm you get is weight gain because you spend more of your time sitting.

Opposite to this, digital nomads get a healthy lifestyle. They can work more on their mental, physical, and emotional state. According to a study, those who are working from home are eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Why? They don’t eat the food in hurry, don’t stress about the deadlines, don’t get involved in corporate gossips, planning and plotting. No jealousy from colleagues, no worries of promotion, deadline, and more.

They can take a break from life whenever they want. Eat a fresh meal, take enough sleep, and result into more productive. Moreover, they can plan their schedule according to their needs. They may work after a gym session or before it, it’s their choice. As a result, they give more time to themselves in becoming a healthy being.

So, become a digital nomad if you want to live a life like this. Read more on digital nomad blog.