Looking to explore new places and have fun at it the same time? Well We’ve got the perfect app for You, Questo!

Questo offers city exploration games that allow both locals and tourists to discover about a city for themselves, guided by the mobile app.

Although they resemble tours, they act more like real-world adventure games, a new form of entertainment. Players explore cities by solving challenges and puzzles based on their immediate surroundings, unlocking new places and their stories. It is the free app which offer both free and paid quests all around the world. It’s quests expanding day by day.

Each quest has a unique theme and role-playing mission, with new missions being released every week. They are based on local legends, books or movies, historical facts and take players to about 20 locations, with the average duration being two hours. Questo helps travelers experience destinations by sending them on a “quest” to find clues while discovering interesting places within a city .

People spend most of their lives in cities. Questo mission is to enable them to fully enjoy every visible or unknown layer of the city, regardless of whether they are travelers or locals. Questo uses storytelling and game design to teleport people into a fantasy story in their city, interweaving fiction with reality.

The platform for city exploration games questo, has raised approximately €300,000 in funding. From Early Game Ventures the rounded was leded by the sparking capital. The funding will help Questo’s international expansion. Its key markets of interest are mainly within the EU, where This has its largest user base.

The company will expand to a total of 200 or more cities by the end of 2021, with a particular focus on the U.S. market. Company are enjoying watching it’s growth in business field. We look forward to enjoying a Questo game. We’ll be chatting with Questo on the podcast soon to explore opportunities for tour operators.

Questo received the “Most Disruptive Travel Start-up of 2019 in Hospitality” award from the United Nations World Tourism Organization and is considered one of the Top 25 Hot Travel Startups of 2020 by Phocuswire.

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As a solution for tour operators in a post-COVID world questo is also marketing itself. Gamified tours are safe to explore, do not require the assistance of a guide, and can be played in private, making social distancing easy to maintain. Quest routes are also designed to help users discover less popular, typically more crowded places.

Questo pleased to announce a new investment in a talented founding team and an innovative product that challenges the status-quo of classic city traveling through a self-guided tour responding to the needs of having an city exploration experience and engaging, immersive.

Questo’s current user base is predominantly European (75%) with an average age of 35; 20 to 35% are families with children. The demographics change depending on the destination. “What a destination is known for is a good guide to what age category appeals; questo build content depending on the situation.